Readers' Choice Awards 2014

Best Cloud-Based File Storage

In a category that used to have few options, Dropbox still takes top spot, but the margin is closing. It's hard to argue against Dropbox's convenience and stability, but hosting your own data on ownCloud gives it quite a boost into the second-place spot.

  • Dropbox 30.5%

  • ownCloud 23.6%

  • Google Drive 16%

  • rsync 8.3%

  • Other 7.5%*

  • Amazon S3 6.6%

  • SpiderOak 4.4%

  • Box 1.8%

  • Copy 1%

  • AjaXplorer .3%

*Under "Other", the most write-ins went to Younited and MEGA. Many also said things like "no cloud is the best choice/my files stay on my storage/local only".

It's time for another Readers' Choice issue of Linux Journal! The format last year was well received, so we've followed suit making your voices heard loud again. I couldn't help but add some commentary in a few places, but for the most part, we just reported results. Please enjoy this year's Readers' Choice Awards!

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Please see the December 2014 issue of Linux Journal for the complete list of winners.