Linux Journal Insider - October 2010

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This month Shawn and Kyle throw out X-Windows, and kick it old
school with the command line issue. Granted, "kicking it old school"
isn't really a stretch for them, especially Kyle, but you can join in
the fun with an entire issue focused on command line tools. Whether
you want to manage your calendar from an xterm, or balance your
checkbook over ssh -- this issue is dripping with geeky goodness.



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You can buy the digital version, which you can download online:

Cool Cover

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Love the cover design...

Tim Parks

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very nice issue, especially for the ascii cover... too bad is hard to get linux journal here in brasil, i would surely use this command line issue a lot.

congrats for the team! o/

Re: That's not how rsync works

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without -c.  If you do -c, rsync does more thorough checks.