Linux Journal Insider - June 2010

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Linux Journal Insider is your monthly peek at what to expect from the new issue of Linux Journal, before it even hits the newsstands. This month we discuss distributions! Shawn Powers and Kyle Rankin give you the inside scoop on topics, articles, and even Penguicon. Feel free to listen right here in your browser with the fancy embedded audio player, or subscribe to the FEED with your favorite podcast software. Either way, we hope you enjoy it!


Linux on non-x86

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Kira's article completely missed the biggest non-x86 IRON of all: IBM system z! IBM has been pushing Linux on its biggest mainframe iron for several years now, and the growth in that market has been significant. While most LJ readers may not have a mainframe in their house, it's a platform that draws a lot of attention, and I think should at least have gotten a mention in an article with BIG IRON in the title!

email takes longer than snail mail?

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Some reason the email Announce of the soon to be released issue arrived after the hardcopy magazine? Can't say I appreciate all the embedded third party tracking in the URLs either.

OGG Please!

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Really? No OGG?

Please provide an OGG version of your podcast.

Thank you...