Linux Journal Insider - July 2010

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Linux Journal Insider is your monthly peek at what to expect from the new issue of Linux Journal, before it even hits the newsstands. This month we discuss enterprise Linux! Shawn Powers and Kyle Rankin give you the inside scoop on topics and articles. Feel free to listen right here in your browser with the fancy embedded audio player, or subscribe to the FEED with your favorite podcast software. Either way, we hope you enjoy it!


Page 15

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FYI, page 15 of my magazine shows the apt-get cow image, but there isn't any transparency. Same with my PDF copy. Thanks for preemptively answering the question anyways.


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Letter Section: Re: Legally Using Linux

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Nice story about the apt-get moo image but you forgot to discuss the "Re: Legally Using Linux" letter which had an Editor's comment saying that it would be discussed in this podcast. I'm probably the only one who cares... because I wrote the letter. :)

Scott Dowdle

Legally using Linux

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I was the one who discovered that the word "Linux" had been registered as a trademark by someone other than Linus back in 1996 or 1997, which spearheaded a world-wide funds raising effort to do legal battle and get Linus to internationally register the trademark (which he was of course, opposed to having to do, but eventually accepted as a necessary evil). And so, while I've been out of the open source loop for a while (and yes, I was at that name-choosing meeting) I hope that "Linux" is still copyleft, and therefore free, everywhere.



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I mean this of course, ironically. Linux has taken over the embedded world as the established player, and is open, everywhere, whether the end user knows it or not. Usually not.

Spreading Information

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I second an interest in Legally using GNU+Linux.

But the reason for this post is to report that it is possible for those non-geeks who do care about the devices that they buy, to know that those devices run GNU+Linux or not. A co-worker of mine has been looking at the Droid phone (by Motorola?) and this guy did all his own research and only confirmed his information with me. The information being "What is Android" and other such questions. I did in the end tell him that for me Meego looks to be a much more friendly OS but we will have to wait and see for that.