Linux Journal Insider - April 2010

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Linux Journal Insider is your monthly peek at what to expect from the new issue of Linux Journal, before it even hits the newsstands. This month we discuss software development! Shawn Powers and Kyle Rankin give you the inside scoop on topics, articles, and geekery in general. Feel free to listen right here in your browser with the fancy embedded audio player, or subscribe to the FEED with your favorite podcast software. Either way, we hope you enjoy it!


voice level

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While listening to the mp3 file of issue 192, I have difficulty in understanding what the speakers were saying. Not that they don't speak clear enough, but it's the voice level which causes trouble. The problem is one speaks too loud while the other person whispers. It's indeed annoying to adjust the volume up and down constantly just to grab the conversation. I hope this only applies to this issue as I have lost interest in trying other feeds.

Hopefully this would be addressed in future issues and this comment is viewed as feedback more than a complaint.

Thanks for the time and keep up the good work.