Wanted - Free Software Enthusiasts in Puerto Rico

Imagine what Puerto Rico would be like, if free software could become a movement for social justice on the island. Well, on Tuesday, February 11th, 2014, the Institute for a Free Puerto Rico planted the seed for this movement. In honor of Aaron Swartz, and in conjunction with the world-wide campaign to end mass surveillance, the Institute is happy to announce the creation of the Libre Planet Puerto Rico team.

You probably already know this, but Puerto Rico is suffering through it’s worst economic period ever. With an eight year recession still gripping the island and unemployment over 15%, the Puerto Rican Government and businesses are struggling to remain relevant. Adding to our woes, recently Standards & Poor and Moodys downgraded Puerto Rico's bonds to junk status.

What if you could find a community that was focused on empowering Puerto Ricans to work together to free Puerto Rico from the exploitation, domination and oppression enabled by private ownership of technology, media, and communication? Libre Planet Puerto Rico’s vision is to free Puerto Rico from technological and legal barriers for all software and cultural works.

Have you noticed yet, that you might have a role to play in the growth of Libre Planet Puerto Rico? Interested parties are invited to join the team by visiting the Libre Planet Wiki, our home page or joining the conversation on the Freenode IRC server using the #lp-pr-en channel. You may also contact the Libre Planet Puerto Rico directly at info at free dash puertorico dot org.



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You have to be careful there

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You have to be careful there in the island of ripper cuoto , lives a strange creature called boricua.

Puerto Rico Free Software

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Just for my acknowledgment, who has Puerto Rico in Software Slavery??
I want to recommend LJ to visit France Municipal Authority where the french technicians are doing a pretty job using Open Source software. (So German Gov. British Gov., Etc.).
It is the fable of the Ostrich and the little hen; The Ostrich deliver a huge Egg but nobody listen a noise at all, while the little hen deliver a very-very small Egg, and she makes so noise and scandal that every body notices it.
As long as I know nobody in the world (or Heaven or hell) can make me use the software I don't want to use.
I'm fully enthusiast with Open Source and I'd never understood the meaning of "Free Software" except by the NO COST of a piece of software.


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They still have people on that island? All the Puerto Ricans moved to New York in the 50s,60s,70s, and 80s when I grew up. There were always more Puerto Ricans in the Bronx and Brooklyn than there were back on the Island. It should just be an official US State and we turn it into an official tourist spot like Vegas or Disney World. The surfing is awesome down there by the way.

Sorry to let you know, but

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Sorry to let you know, but the Institute for a Free Puerto Rico is just a bunch of Communists with the one and only aim of total separation from the U.S.. These guys are very loud and can talk bull all day, but only command 5% of the total local population. The "exploitation, domination and oppression" deal is exactly word by word the same rhetoric they use about the U.S., and has absolutely nothing to do with the free/libre software movement. These are also the same folks that are pro-Castro, pro-Chavez and mass surveillance under a dictatorial regime. This tells me either that the Linux Journal is made up of a total bunch of idiots that cannot do basic research on anything or you guys have turned into a bunch of Communists. I mean, what did you guys think the Institute for a "Free Puerto Rico" meant?! Software?! Duh!!!!! You guys are a bunch of morons!!!