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Alex Blewitt's Eclipse Plugin Development by Example (Packt Publishing)

A nice feature about Alex Blewitt's new book Eclipse Plugin Development by Example: Beginner's Guide is that one need not have prior experience in Eclipse plugin development or OSGi. With this book as a guide, Java developers who already are familiar with Eclipse as an IDE will embark on a full journey through plugin development, starting with an introduction to Eclipse plugins, continuing through packaging and culminating in automated testing and deployment. The included example code provides simple snippets that can be developed and extended to get users up and running quickly. A specific chapter on the differences between Eclipse 3.x and Eclipse 4.x presents a detailed view of the changes needed by applications and plugins when upgrading to the new model.

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I asked for a quote on the Epiq Matchstiq, because I was interested in the cost, and I nearly fell out of my chair. Yes, it is nice unit, in size, but for the price, you can get a couple ICOM or Yaesu HF base stations, antennas, and a tuner and have enough money to take your XYL out for dinner! EEEEK.

If you have that sort of scratch laying around, your local ARES team would be happy to help you spend it on their radio caches.

David Lane, KG4GIY is a member of Linux Journal's Editorial Advisory Panel and the Control Op for Linux Journal's Virtual Ham Shack