Best Distribution for Netbooks/Limited Hardware

Although we kept the title "Ubuntu Netbook Remix" this year, it's really a misnomer, as Ubuntu has consolidated its Netbook interface (Unity) into its main product. With their tiny screens, every pixel counts, and Canonical's one-size-fits-all design works well on a Netbook. It's neat to see Android so high on the list, however. With laptop docks for phones and keyboards for tablets, Android is becoming a viable operating system for more than just making calls and checking e-mail.

  • Ubuntu Netbook Remix (any flavor): 25.9%

  • Debian: 14.9%

  • Android OS: 14.1%

  • ArchLinux: 12.7%

  • Other: 11.3%*

  • Puppy: 7.1%

  • Fedora: 3.9%

  • Chrome OS: 3.1%

  • MeeGo: 2.5%

  • PCLinuxOS (any flavor): 1.7%

  • Slax: 1%

  • Slitaz: 1%

  • Jolicloud: .9%

*Both CrunchBang and Linux Mint received many write-in votes in this category.

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