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At a minimum, I would want

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At a minimum, I would want the box to say "Live Data", Some of the more handy ones will scan the truck, record the data and download it to your computer. Many pull data from the trans, ABS, and other systems. Truck Diagnostic Tool

Linux is an operating system

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Linux is an operating system designed to be an alternative to Apple's Mac and Microsoft's Windows operating systems.

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why close source survey software?

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Why not use open source survey software (ex: LimeSurvey)?

personal primary os

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I use Mac as my primary OS but only out of necessity. Windows is my primary os at work but that is because of VMware vSphere needing it.

Than the true software?

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Than the true software?

error ?

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hmm i dont even see the survey using firefox 16 and archlinux :/ (no script disabled)

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Re: error?

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I am running Arch Linux and Firefox 17.0.1 and had no problem seeing and completing the survey...


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I completed the survey. Will readers able to see the results? Thanks

errors with the survey

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item 6. If answer no, the survey still requires item 7 to be answered.
item 13. can't check more than one.

for item 6, after presenting

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for item 6, after presenting you with error with the survey page for answering no on 6 and leaving 7 blank, if you just hit submit again the form is accepted.


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We just changed it based on your feedback. That was wonky. Thanks for catching it. And thanks for filling out the survey!

Fixed the second submit, but

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Fixed the second submit, but not the rquired 7. N/A when 6 was a No.
It was my only error :)


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