Activate Windows Without Losing Your Selected Text

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

Thanks to Keith for this one.


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alt-tab is easyer then using

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alt-tab is easyer then using your mouse.


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Not if you already have your hand on the mouse or if you have 50 windows open.

Mitch Frazier is an Associate Editor for Linux Journal.

Ambiguous Title

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May I respectfully suggest that the editors give a little bit more thought to the titles? As weird as it seems, I thought this was somehow about "Activating" (in an obviously different sense) Microsoft Windows... possibly in a VM or whatnot on a Linux host. I thought I was going to get some Virtual Box or VMware advice or something like that. "Focus Windows Without Losing Your Selected Text" would have made it much more clear what this is about.


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Conclusion: you may click anywhere on the window without focus to activate it, except on the textbox/area where the text is.

Alt-Tab will also activate

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Alt-Tab will also activate the window without deselecting the text. 'Tis my personal favorite.

The auto-copy on selection

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The auto-copy on selection feature is disabled in KDE, probably GNOME as well I would hope. That sort of "feature" is just surprising and more often undesirable.

As for the lameness of this video, I just use Focus-Follows-Mouse, that way I can just hover the mouse over the window without clicking and the window is automatically selected anyway.

An other way is, when the

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An other way is, when the window wirh the highlighted text is still visible:
1. Hover the mousepointer over the window with the highlighted text.
2. Right click
3. Select copy.

Re:Activate Windows Without Losing Your Selected Text

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I thought the whole clip-board advantage in linux is that the highlighted text automatically copies to the buffer. In other words, you don't have to go back to the window to "copy" the text - simply "middle clicking" your mouse in the new window will copy the previously highlighted text :-)

Have fun :-)

2009 eos_buddy ofcourse you

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2009 eos_buddy
ofcourse you are right