Vote Now: 2009 Readers' Choice Awards

The Readers' Choice Awards take the current pulse of the Linux Community year. Vote for the tools you use every day in your work and play.



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readers choice

John Evans Jr.'s picture

I didn,t get a chance to vote but I would definately give my vote to Sranton Karate School for #1 martial arts school go Master Frank.

favorite podcatcher

volcheck's picture

I'd like to suggest that you ask for a favorite podcatcher
(mine's Gpodder). I second the proposal above to include
favorite Linux podcast as a question. (I'd pick although it is more generally
oriented to technology and software not just Linux.)

Will there be an Editor's Choice this year?

Emil Volcheck,
Charles Village, Baltimore, MD, USA

No Vim?

Jacob's picture

Why is vi on the list, but no Vim? Didn't Vim win the favorite text editor award as recently as 2005?

Survey Choices

Anonymous's picture

How about "Home brew" or "made it myself" for choices of desktop/server makers. I only bought a BRAND new laptop and have had so many problems, it was ridiculous the cost to DELL.

Going back in time

Keith Thomas's picture

Gosh, when was this survey posted, in the year 2000? Neither of my two favorite programming languages were listed, Scala & Groovy.

Revision for next years awards

RyanMcCoskrie's picture

Next year could you include a "no prior experience" option in each category?
I haven't had very much experience in servers and revision control nor have I been
able to buy a complete computer at once so I left many questions with "no comment"
and I expect many others have done the same.

No email server category?

Andrew Codrington's picture

How about an email server category?
Why do the email clients get all the limelight? :-)

Disclosure: I work tirelessly for Xandros, the company that owns Scalix and Scalix would be a very strong contender in the email server category.

backup software

stephen scheldt 's picture

Arkei is my preferred backup software.


Karl's picture

JustPageIT has a larger installed base than some of the CMS's that made the list.

irc client?

sadsfae's picture

I really like weechat, sad to not see it on the list.

Favorite Podcast?

Rich Brown's picture

How about what's your favorite Linux podcast?

(Linux Outlaws)

What about VIDEO???

Robert Geiger's picture

I've been using Cinelerra and OpenMovieEditor with Great Results, with Kino for getting video from Camera, on UbuntuStudio's 64 but optimized kernel. Let's start promoting Video a little!


Netflix Roku is myFavorite Linux Device

Oldfrog's picture

I wonder how they missed it? It was even on many top lists last year.

Geany wasn't there! So it

Anonymous's picture

Geany wasn't there! So it went into other at least.

No "other" in monitoring system

Juanra's picture

I would have picked other and write "hobbit" or "xymon" (its new name). It's a great tool

It seems a bit strange

Fred (now with a unique name so I can post my comment)'s picture

It seems a bit strange that AbiWord and Gnumeric are two separate entries, but OpenOffice is a combined one? As AbiWord and Gnumeric tend to go hand in hand, shouldn't they, sort of, be combined in the Office question?

I was surprised that git

Anonymous's picture

I was surprised that git wasn't listed in the revision control category.

You're right

Carlie Fairchild's picture

Good catch. Since we *just* posted this I went ahead and added git under revision control. Thanks for pointing that out!

Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.