Sound Card for Server


I have an Intel Server running Redhat Enterprise 4 and need to fit a PCI soundcard to it. I have tried a Creative SoundBalster Value but the CA0103-DBQ chip is not supported by ALSA. The older sound Blaster Live 5.1 with EMU10K1 chip works okay in a workstation but it won't fit in the server as it requires the newer 3.3V PCI bus. Can anybody recommend a 3.3V PCI soundcard is ALSA supported?

This work OK

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I use Nvidia 9400 video card.
The drive version should be compiled with the linux kernel, if you make a
Linux kernel upgrade. but is very good.

I use the Fedora 11, version similar to the Centos, Red Hat
and works very good.

You must download the driver from, the with superuser access

cd /

where NVIDIA_DRIVER is the name of the drive you need to use.


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