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I wanted to start working more with microcontrollers without having to learn an architecture specific language... My friend pointed me to the arduino. It use a C "light" language so it's compatible with things I know and it's also really really cheap! If you want something cheaper, then check out the boarduino. Speaking of might also want to check out more of what Lady Ada has to offer.


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Update: shell scripts

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My shell script package mentioned above has been updated to include a GUI via the Xdialog command. Available 24/7 at

shell scripts

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Forgot to mention in my previous posting: my mini-website runs on
my PC running Kubuntu via wireless link, and it isn't 24/7, it only
works when my PC is booted, so keep trying. Any volunteers to host
it 24/7? Also looking for volunteers to port these scripts to OS/X.

shell scripts

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My package now contains GUI shell scripts for IO & PWM control using Xdialog. It is also available 24/7 via:

Arduino Diecimila & shell scripts

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I recommend you load your (first) Diecimila with Simple Message System
from the archives at, then download & install my package of
shell scripts. This converts the Diecimila into a general-purpose, linux-
based, control unit. Full IO & PWM control. AD is scaled to milliVolts &
formatted for import to most spreadsheets. Want a light-show? Put a bunch
of commands in a textfile & source it.

Run 'wget' to get it. Modular: need more
pins? Plug in another SMS-loaded Diecimila. Includes hints for controlling
servos and more.

Linux Journal Article!

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I've been looking into Arduino for some time now and will eventually get one when I have time to play with it. In the meantime, I would KILL for a Linux Journal beginners article on what you can do with this. Perhaps you could follow up the following month with a more advanced article. Any takers?