Linux Up 600 On Wall Street

The New York Stock Exchange — the granddaddy of financial markets — has decided to give UNIX the shove and move to Linux, starting with 600 severs tasked with handling the exchange's millions of transactions per minute.

The move comes as a major public relations boon for Linux, with the NYSE publicly declaring Linux stable enough to undertake the operations of the world's largest stock exchange. The exchange's Chief Information Officer indicated that Linux's ability to provide flawless execution and fast transaction speed, coupled with it's reliability, makes it the best match for the NYSE's needs.

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Justin Ryan is a Contributing Editor for Linux Journal.


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A step in history

Phil Hughes's picture

Early on, one of the things Linux Journal did was give geeks something to bring to their boss to help convince him or her that Linux was "for real". Clearly, this story is a new mark on the "is Linux real" list.

For those of us who have been seriously using Linux in the .95 and before days, world domination now looks within reach.

Phil Hughes