Konqueror vs. Dolphin

Does anyone know if the KDE team is planning to make Dolphin the default file manager instead of Konqueror?

I do not like Dolphin _at all_. Hope they don't make this mistake. I think it would be a huge one for them.

I totally agree with most of

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I totally agree with most of the comments.
One of the my first actions done after the installation of opensuse 11.3+kde4 was switching the file manager to konqueror.
konqueror is nice and is full of plugins and integration.
With konqueror I can navigate in file systems, in internet, in my bluetooth devices, in svn. ecc.
Is it possible with dolphin?
I do not think so.
One could wonder that this has a cons: konqueror is slower.
In my system I experienced that konqueror is even faster than dolphin.
With that the comparison is finished.

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KDE has ever so slightly more

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KDE has ever so slightly more eye candy than Gnome, easily negated with a good dock and Compiz to the point of irrelevance, but it seems a lot less efficient....not necessarily that it overwhelms you with options vs Gnome simplicity, but even WITH all the options you would think it could have been implemented more intelligently so that it does not require 3 clicks/actions to 1 in Gnome....I mean, Gnome has the Mac look and feel with Windows simplicity, with all the customizability and stability of linux....KDE on the other hand has the simplicity of Mac (not simple) with the Windows look...exactly opposite. And it breaks more.

The only thing going for KDE (for a while) is that it didnt use PulseAudio...I HATE pulse Audio, or at least its implementation in Gnome....yeah, it has potential, but this is one sloppy ass implementation. Maybe 1% of users actually NEED PulseAudio while 10x that many or more have their sound break because of it.

At least Mints Xfce doesnt use PA, even though Ubuntus version does.

XFCE with a cool looking dock, a more advanced file manager and Compiz is actually a rival for Gnome or KDE....of course at that point its not light weight anymore, but its a good rival in both looks and performance to the big boys.

Dolphin vs Konqueror

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I think this is not the place to talk about how good, bad, ugly whatever kde4 has turned on. Just focus on dolphin vs konqueror.
In my humble opinion, I prefer to use both, 'cause I think dolphin is more pretty and it seems that it combines, merges pretty well with kde4 environment, I mean, it looks native.
Those characteristics are not present in konqueror, but it's obviously an excellent choice because it has all those protocol facilities that makes it a complete tool, and also the most important split functionality.

Not as bad as it once was

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I tried KDE back in the day, wasn't impressed with it. I since got a new laptop(compaq CQ60-615) and thought what the hell, give it a go. To my delight, this laptop seems to perform better with KDE(4) over GNOME (whow... I know). Windows just plods along, but nothing new there. Dolphin is not ideal true, but I seem to prefer it over kong, but I've not really given kong a serious run so my opinion of both might change. In the last analysis, time will prove all things and the weak will fall by the way side.

Dolphin Linux is bad news to quick fix windows op files with....

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If somebody is out of it enough to get the DVD or CD versions of OpenSUSE, Novell, and Mandivira Linux both free and paid, the same result will happen; trash storage limit reached for move to trash to remove. Knoppix was stopped from mounting and doing the same a while back by one of the recent windows updates who knows the intricanies of LINUX as well as it's supposedly perfect windows operating system till the next update.
Trust in windows and you will need to be rich to afford it. Trust in Linux and non affordability of of things in this world is merely a virtual problem that has pending solutions.

Konqueror vs. Dolphin

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You all know about the Worlds biggest disaster ?

1 ) Windows 95
2 ) Windows XP
3 ) Dolphin file manager

Whooo how could Linux even consider to use that, it is the worst or the worst, mega slow, and many times fail to respond totally useless.

to me nothing ius worse than the Dolphin file manager.

I have changed everything to default to Konqueror that works even it could be better, but much much better than Dolphin.

Suse 11.2 on a Macbook pro


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I am so angry at the KDE team. I truly despise you all for ruining KDE. And that goes doubly so for the opensuse maintainers for forcing us to switch to KDE4 or switch to Gnome.

KDE 4 is *painfully* UGLY.

Dolphin is so bad that I cannot even comment without making threats, so I will bite my tongue.

Konqueror does NOT seamlessly replace Dolphin.

File browsing in Konqueror HAS suffered and WILL continue to suffer as long as it bills itself as a web browser.

The desktop is confusing as hell.

Dolphin vs Konqueror makes me ANGRY. What idiots complained loudly enough about how complicated Konqueror is to justify this tragedy?? You morons destroyed the best piece of desktop software for Linux to date.

I am angry for having to make the choice. And yes, I have tested KDE4 regularly on another system. I am forced to purchase a new computer because my old one failed, and for the first time since KDE 1.0 it DISGUSTS me to consider running KDE on my new machine.

Only thing I miss

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I am hoping the devs build into Dolphin the features of Konquerer like
snapshots of videos, just as for images
and the size of image files in pixels

Konq v Dolphin

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do not like Dolphin.
Have set konq as default thanks to comments above.

But where has konq's Edit->Select->Select All gone???
what else will i find missing after spending hours tweaking kde???

using openSuSE 11.1 w/ ati 9600 direct rendering. 10.3 was the last 'good' nix i used. theres a good chance ill end up using windows 7 :( never liked gnome, kde4 font sizes arent consistent, and the panels are really sluggish to appear (i use auto-hide panels)

if you're not with us for

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if you're not with us for freedom, better you go sooner rather than later

Problems with both, or rant of the day

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Dolphin "Details" view file selection error: If you shift-select the first of a group of files, then scroll down to shift-select the end of the list, I expect to find all of the selected files highlighted. However, if a background process is creating new files in that same directory (off-screen), that alters the highlighted selection list to extend it up to an unpredictable number of files. If you're not careful and are selecting files for deletion, you end up deleting files that Dolphin selected for you. I have to use Trash as a safety net whenever using Dolphin.

Konqueror file manager doesn't drag-drop very well, if at all. For example, if I want to open another pdf file in acroread, with Nautilus and Dolphin, you can select-drag-drop another file into acroread which opens another tab containing that file. Try that with Konqueror and nothing happens.

Any program that doesn't do what you anticipate or expect, or if you try to do something the programmer didn't anticipate that breaks something else as a side effect, folks get annoyed and/or frustrated. (I have time to write this because I'm copying dozens of accidentally-deleted files from backup.) I thought Microsoft was the only group of programmers who rush to grab market share by releasing incomplete or buggy products with service packs that fix the known bugs already scheduled. Dolphin needs a lot more work to become a world-class product. Hey, it's open-source, if you don't like it, send the programmers a diff file of the code that will make it to what you want it to do? ...wrong answer.

Dolphin = crap

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Dolphin does it's best to make the previously usable completely unusable. It sucks so much ass I just don't have the words. If they keep this crap in kde4, I'll wait for kde5.

Why not just use Konqueror

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Why not just use Konqueror then? It's still included by default and you can make it your default file-browsing application. Why do people have to be so weird!

All I want KDE3.5+

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All I want KDE3.5+ Krusader1.6 (GUI mc) !!!

I do not like Gnome, but if KDE4#@#$%!!!@# team, proceed with developing "garbage collection" known as KDE 4.@#$#@#$!%???
I will leave linux community !
KDE 4.@$#%#@$#$%^%$$#@!@#$%^ *&^%&^&$#@$#@#@#@
just do not work.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and it will never do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bljak, bljak, bljak

I'm sorry for not keeping

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I'm sorry for not keeping this strictly konqueror vs. dolphin, but this issue is simply greater than file managers. Sadly, KDE 4 is the best thing to ever happen to Gnome. KDE 4 is driving me to Gnome. I don't like Gnome at all, but KDE 4 is just awful. It seems like the developers put too much energy in to trying to make KDE 4 pretty (read: eye candy), but they've also managed to make things difficult to accomplish via the GUI. With all due respect to those who like KDE 4, it seems like things have been dumbed down to a point where most of the configurability that used to be straightforward is now difficult at best. For example, I will grant you that KNetworkManager has never been stellar. However, it has become a series of prompts followed by a "Next" button.

I've always felt Gnome made things more difficult for me in its effort to be easy and friendly. Maybe KDE 4 is just such a departure from what I'm used to...no, it sucks. Not that I'm using this name drop for any kind of cred, but anyone remember when Linus Torvalds stated that he encourages “people to just switch to KDE?” Even he has gone to using Gnome. There are some truly great apps written for KDE. k3b is just one example. It's the Gold Standard when it come to Linux burning software in my book. As with most things Gnome, its equivalent, brasero is shit.

I for one, don't really care for spiffy graphical effects. What I've seen of MS Vista left me wanting to hurl. That's one reason I've never bothered with the likes of Beryl or Compiz. Pretty is counterproductive! The Proletariat don't need "Pretty" to be great! If I want pretty, I'll download an image of some attractive brunette lady from the Internet and set it as my wallpaper. (I would like to point out that I'm one of those unimaginative dolts who set their screensaver to "blank screen.") Kaudiorecorder is an example of where pretty is not required for an application to function excellently.

Bah! This whole experience makes me glad that the Kubuntu 8.04 is a LTS release.

thanks to the editor i

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thanks to the editor i removed dolphin with apt-get and now I'm cool again with konquerer . sorry but dolphin sucks!

Can that dolphin!

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I have played with KDE4 and Dolphin since the earliest of betas. As many have already said 'Don't fix what aint broken!' .. I would add the more appropriate ... 'Why break so much for no good reason!!'

Can the dolphin, keep the Konq
wobbly and buggy=KDE4
clean, solid and stable=KDE3.5

I know where I am staying, for a very long time to come!

Konqueror vs. Dolphin

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Last week I installed Kubuntu 7.10 and Dolphin was the default file manager. I tried it but didn't care for it myself. I'm just used to how Konqueror behaves when it comes to views and the apps it associates files with. Dolphin just felt clunky to me. Setting Konqueror as the default file manager was not immediately obvious to me despite reviewing docs and googling. The best solution I found was apt-get remove dolphin. I don't use Konqueror for web browsing and instead use FireFox.

This link includes the announcement that dolphin is the default file manager down in the "Highlights" section:

Mike Roberts is a bewildered Linux Journal Reader Advisory Panelist.

Hi, To replace Dolphin with

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To replace Dolphin with Konqueror as a default file manager go to kcontrol
Then Click on KDE Components -> File Associations and expand the inode section.
Highlight directory and move up Konqueror above Dolphin, next highlight system_directory and move up Konqueror above Dolphin.
Konqueror is now the default file manager.

Hi, To replace Dolphin with

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To replace Dolphin with Konqueror as a default file manager go to kcontrol
Then Click on KDE Components -> File Associations and expand the inode section.
Highlight directory and move up Konqueror above Dolphin, next highlight system_directory and move up Konqueror above Dolphin.
Konqueror is now the default file manager.

Re: K vs D

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I haven't actually used KDE recently enough to see dolphin in action. I'm curious what makes it cruddy for you?

Personally, I like the idea of cutting ties between the file manager and web browser. That always had the stink of Internet Explorer for me.

Is Dolphin clumsy? Not integrated enough? Slow? Boring?

I might have to download Kubuntu to try it out...

Shawn is Associate Editor here at Linux Journal, and has been around Linux since the beginning. He has a passion for open source, and he loves to teach. He also drinks too much coffee, which often shows in his writing.

thanks to the editor i

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thanks to the editor i removed dolphin with apt-get and now I'm cool again with konquerer. sorry but dolphin sucks!

Not a fan of Dolphin either

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Thanks to who posted above about the File Association to change. I knew it had to be in there somewhere but was going crazy trying to find it, and that did the trick just fine. Now if I feel so inclined I can use Dolphin in the future, but don't really see that happening.

My main problem with Dolphin (Besides the fact the Kubuntu folks, just decided that's they way to go..and not even warning or making it an option during upgrade), is how it handles embedded viewing (at least out of the box from this 7.10 upgrade), which is to say it doesn't really handle it at all and just passes it right to and opens the needed app. In short no Kpart integration, makes it quite clunky, as someone mentioned before.

I also was not a big fan of trying to integrate so many apps into one, but as it turns out that was only because I'd never really seen it done well before. That changed when I started using and getting used to Konqueror. Infact the way Konqueror intergrates so well with KDE and other apps, and allows me to have just one window open to do the vast majority of my work, is the major reason I've been a continuing fan of KDE.

Don't get me wrong I do see how I may potentially use Dolphin. It's not a bad app in and of itself. I just don't like the way Kubuntu automatically sets it to the default manager...when so many of us have been using Konqueror for so long. Dolphin does have some nice file specific widgets on the right side (ie. If jpeg is selected, drop down options for reencoding, rotation, etc..), which I can see would make life easier....humm turn Dolphin into a Kpart and integrate to Konqueror...lol

We are the Konqi. Resistance is Futile...man that was bad, but I couldn't resist.

Dolphin vs Kongueror

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I install alot of linux but had not done a full kubuntu install and personalize before...
Yesterday I installed kubuntu 7.10 for a friend and we went thru all the personalizations and seting up...and wow I don't like Dolphin.
Probably nothing wrong with Dolphin but it really caught me off guard when it came up instead of konqueror and I'm so used to hitting ctrl-n to open another
copy of it on screen for copying. Also I could not get it to view text mode view...it only offered details...which still had stupid icons in the view...
It just seemed not at intuitive...I clicked around trying to get rid of the additional navigation panels and wound up in some weird mode that didn't show and of the files or views at all. Thank goodness the linux world is all about
choices and forced changes...For the life of me I cannot understand why either
the "buntu" or kde folks removed kcontrol as an entity in the kstart menu..
wow was that a dumb mistake....file associations are soooo important to let
the user have easy access to.

my 2 cents tnx for listening


ditto on Dolphin

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It was having to right click on everything that I couldn't just get used to. Although a pointer icon (hand) is on the file name or folder line, it doesn't highlight when you click on the line to then delete/copy etc. with your free hand.

Missing smooth Subversion integration and would rather secure FTP with Konq than say, Filezilla running in yet another window. For web site veiwing, only use Konq for the KHTML engine to test layouts for Safari etc, when developing, Firefox rules otherwise for web browsing.

svn integration

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I'm not a fan of Dolphin either as I don't see that it has subversion integration. I was able to find a KIO slave for subversion integration for Konq, which worked.

Subversion for Konqueror

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Slightly OT, but how did you integrate SVN into Konqueror? I can only find KSVN, which hasn't been maintained for a long time (since Subversion 1.0); and KdeSVN which looks well-maintained, but doesn't seem to integrate with Konqueror at all.


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I just wanted to also display my distaste for dolphin. Konq has done a great job, is feature rich, stable, and makes efficient use of pixel space, dolphin not so much. Please, give us Konq back as the default file manager!


I was looking for solution

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I was looking for solution with Dolphin. It is so hard to use. I can not do anything. It is excellent idea to remove it. I hope it will help.


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The basic problems that turns this one off to Dolphin is #1 no worthy documentation and #2 useless to move files are do anything that is not within home directory. What is that? Honestly it makes me wonder are these guys working Fedora just trying to cram as much as possible into the GUI as humanly possible without considering usefulness? Convenience, Hello Fedora, you guys know what that is? The internet is full of complaints about Dolphin but very, very few solutions. Most that I have noticed are to remove the program. It is good for just viewing files but nothing else. So why not call it file viewer as that is all it really is. A big waste of time so it seems.