AMD Goes Linux

Video card giant AMD announced the release of new Linux drivers for its popular line of video cards today. The new drivers, Linux Catalyst 7.10, provide updates and features for desktop effects and gaming.

The new drivers provide support for AIGLX and ATI GPUs, enabling performance improvements for OpenGL games including the Quake and Doom lines. The improvements also offer support for enhanced graphic effects for supported distributions.

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Justin Ryan is a Contributing Editor for Linux Journal.


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zied's picture

Finally ATI/AMD made the step.

I personally changed my card to Nvidia due to the poor driver.

Now i'll give it another try.


Share what you learn what you don't

Share what you learn what you don't

You probably mean ATI.

Anonymous's picture

You probably mean ATI.


Anonymous's picture

AMD acquired ATi not long ago, which is why their (AMD's) financials look like crap right now.

Diamond Radeon X1300 drivers crash machine for dual monitors

Anonymous's picture

Ubuntu cannot drive dual monitors using a Diamond Radeon X1300 using either open-source or proprietary drivers. It will crash the machine every single time, when adding the additional monitor through 'Screens and Graphics'
Although I like Ubuntu, I only use it occasionally due to this problem.