Wanted: OPML editor on Linux

In How to sponsor an open source project?, Dave Winer says, I want the OPML Editor to run on Linux... and floats the idea of a bounty for the job.

He's taking comments here. Guidance: I'm looking for ideas, established practices, do's and don'ts for sponsoring an open source project, Dave says.

So let's help him out. And me too. Because I want that editor on Linux. I've been using and/or following Dave's outliners going back to Think Tank in the early '80s. I think having an OPML editor on Linux would be way productive as well as way cool.


Doc Searls is the Editor in Chief of Linux Journal


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Mr Winer and Cadenhead

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Is this the same “Mr Winer” who was suing Cadenhead for using his so called data and for not developing a 'written contract' yet paying him the deposit anyway? I would check carefully to see if he is the same guy – as I wasn't too delighted at the story. If I recall, it was about OPML data and so I find this all slightly sketchy. Look, I don't mean to bad-mouth anyone, but it ought to be just checked out before we pay the wrong guy.


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I have always donate to open source program and do support them.

Go to sourceforge.net, look for a program that you find worth sponsoring and use you paypal to sponsor. I always feel happy giving! Open Source Rocks!

James Burt

OPML is a component not an app

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for an app try:

you should sponsor a unified integration with:

backends needed: SVN, Harmony(re Unison)

be the outliner everywhere, be the bsd outliner.


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Do you need spanish moderadors?


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Doc, to be clear, it's not "an" OPML Editor, I need the OPML Editor at http://support.opml.org/download to be ported. It's actually a development platform, and it's the apps that are built on top of it that are motivating me. Yes, I use an outliner, and I certainly like the one in the OPML Editor, but there probably already are decent outliners on Linux. This may sound nitpicky, but it's not. And thanks for the coverage. I'm sure we'll get there some way sometime.