RubyConf*MI Videos Now on the Web

Well, this is some news I've been wanting to share for a while, but I've had to wait until everything was ready. During the summer, I spoke at RubyConf*MI, one of the first regional Ruby Conferences (I think San Diego held the only one earlier than the Michigan folks). At the time, they filmed all the presentations.

We spent some time discussing what to do with the videos, and finally decided to release them on Google Video. (They might still sell some DVDs, but I've not heard a confirmation yet.) Ever since that decision, I've been waiting for the videos to hit Google so I could announce it. And yesterday, they did!

You can find the whole list here (my presentation is this one). Go and take a look. RubyConf*MI was only $20 for registration, but if you missed it you now have an option to take part (well, sort of.)

I hope this catches on. I know that some Ruby Brigades have taken to recording (audio or visual) their meetings. Hopefully we'll see more and more Ruby presentations from group meetings or regional conferences showing up on Google and YouTube.




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You're brave!

Online Marketing's picture

I'd never let a video of me be seen on the internet!


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wow the video is good..thanks for sharing


Mateo's picture

This is really informative and illustrative video. Keep up the work, I support your activities all the way...


Michael Ritter's picture

Thanks for sharing your video. Although I couldn't read all the slides, it was very interesting, because you get an impression what's going on at such conferences. So I would appreciate to see more videos in future. Thanks.

does not work for me

ruby linux's picture

Is the video hosted somewhere else? I can access the url*MI

low resolution

Paul Archer's picture

It's great that these videos are being shared. But they are too low resolution too be easily watched. There's still information to be gotten from them, but the screenshots are usually unreadable.
If at all possible, please post higher-resolution videos. In the future, capturing the video being fed to the projector and combining it with video of the presenter would make a much better video overall.