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I have a lot of things to say in this new blog, but I am currently neck deep in finishing up my work on the Ultimate Linux Box issue. I hope to get back here later today to post something on the AM2, since the embargo on the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) has expired today. You'll have to wait for the details, but let me summarize my take on the AM2 in these words: Drink lots of liquids before you attempt to read my writeup, because you're going to lose a lot of drool.


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blog? what blog? Almost a

Anonymous's picture

blog? what blog?

Almost a month now...is it me, or is LJ becoming increasingly pointless?

> or is LJ becoming

Anonymous's picture

> or is LJ becoming increasingly pointless?

Well, maybe they're just really behind on stuff. I hope that's all it is. LJ is my second favorite Linux site, after LWN.


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Where's the article, or the blog, or whatever?

I wonder if something

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I wonder if something happened to Nick? Both varlinux.org and petreley.com are down, which is sort of ominous.

Nick is a good guy, but

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Nick is a good guy, but working for SSC is another story. I hope he found a better gig.

where did linuxgazette.com go?

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Since no one at LJ answers emails, thot I'd try here. linuxgazette.com resolves to linuxjournal.com- did it go away? Did the DNS get mistakenly borken?

not answering reader

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not answering reader questions is a good way to lose readers.

Why I no longer subscribe

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I don't think LJ understands

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I don't think LJ understands this here modern world yet. You know, with two-way communications and all that. :)

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