Paranoid Penguin - Customizing Linux Live CDs, Part II

Use encrypted folders with your custom live CD.
Using the TrueCrypt Volume with Your Live CD

And now, the moment of truth. To use your encrypted TrueCrypt volume with an Ubuntu live CD, such as the one we modified last month, simply boot a system off that CD; insert the USB drive; execute the truecrypt binary from the USB drive or from the CD, if you installed TrueCrypt on your custom image; and mount your encrypted volume, specifying a mountpoint of /home/ubuntu/Documents (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Mounting Your Volume on /home/ubuntu/Documents

If TrueCrypt prompts you for an administrative password, leave it blank and click OK. By default, the ubuntu account on Ubuntu CDs has no password.

This brings me to the topic of next month's column: further securing and customizing your encrypted-Documents-enabled live CD image. Until then, be safe!

Mick Bauer ( is Network Security Architect for one of the US's largest banks. He is the author of the O'Reilly book Linux Server Security, 2nd edition (formerly called Building Secure Servers With Linux), an occasional presenter at information security conferences and composer of the “Network Engineering Polka”.