New Products

Matthew Scarpino's Programming the Cell Processor (Prentice-Hall)

The Cell processor is the linchpin that enables the world's fastest supercomputer, IBM's Roadrunner, so it likely will add wings to your application too. Matthew Scarpino's new book Programming the Cell Processor, published by Prentice-Hall, shows how to create applications that harness the power of IBM's powerful Cell processor. Oriented toward game developers, graphics programmers and engineers, the book covers everything from the Cell's advanced architecture to its tools and libraries, presenting code examples that help you gain a deep understanding of Cell development. Topics include mastering the Cell SDK, understanding Cell's PPU, programming the Synergistic Processor Unit and more.

Sothink's Video Encoder Engine for Adobe Flash

If your next mission is to bump off YouTube with your own video-hosting site, Sothink hopes you'll choose its new solution, Video Encoder Engine for Adobe Flash, to do so. This Linux-based encoder can convert nearly any popular video format to FLV and can be utilized on Web servers, blogs, forums and other interactive sites. The product also enables advanced video editing, batch conversion, quality control and other tasks with CGI or any other server-side scripting language. A demo video hosting site, complete with source code and written in PHP, is included. Other functions include full control of video and audio quality and characteristics.

Astaro's Mail Gateway

Astaro offers that its new Mail Gateway appliance trumps its competitors by being “the only security vendor that provides e-mail encryption free with its mail gateway solution”. Targeted at small- to medium-size businesses, the Mail Gateway also features virus protection and remote exchange access and runs transparently at the gateway to eliminate need for employee action. Removing individual employees from the encryption process, says Astaro, significantly lowers the chance that confidential data may be sent accidentally in plain text across the Internet. Astaro's encryption is based on standards, such as S/MIME, OpenPGP and TLS, and allows for scanning of encrypted e-mail for malware. In addition, Astaro's solution complements traditional antispam technologies with reputation-based filtering.


James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.