New Products

Jedox AG's Palo, SugarCRM's Sugar Data Center Edition, ParAccel's Scalable Analytic Appliance and more.
ParAccel's Scalable Analytic Appliance

The job of ParAccel's new Scalable Analytic Appliance is to provide manageability for large- and medium-size enterprises struggling with the challenge of analyzing operational data in near real time or executing complex queries on multi-terabyte data warehouses. The new enterprise-class appliance is based on ParAccel's columnar, compressed, massively parallel relational database engine, combined with a managed storage infrastructure and industry-standard servers. The appliance utilizes a blended and dynamically balanced scan approach to take maximum advantage of both server- and SAN-based storage. It also leverages a new SAN-based approach for high availability and integrates tightly into managed storage control systems to manage backups, disaster recovery mechanisms, reporting and monitoring. A pilot program for the product is currently underway.

Numerical Algorithms Group NAG Toolbox for MATLAB

If you use the MATLAB environment, you now can extend it heftily using Numerical Algorithms Group's NAG Toolbox. The Toolbox gives users access to more than 1,300 additional math and statistical algorithms for MATLAB. This additional mathematical and statistical functionality previously was unavailable, or it was accessible to MATLAB users only by purchasing multiple toolboxes. The company claims that “the NAG Library is used by many of the world's most prominent ISVs, scientists and academies, among others, because of its reputation for quality, flexibility and robustness”. The NAG Toolbox is available for both 32- and 64-bit Linux and Windows and is compatible with MATLAB versions 2007a, 2007b and 2008a.

Canonical's Ubuntu Netbook Remix

At the time of this writing, details remain sketchy, but by the time you read this, Canonical will have officially announced Ubuntu Netbook Remix, an ultraportable version of its popular Linux distribution. In interviews with the Guardian newspaper, Ubuntu founder and patron Mark Shuttleworth, revealed close collaboration with Intel, which produces chips for this sector. Shuttleworth sees Netbook Remix as one way that Linux will become more prevalent, as people access their files and information from a wider variety of devices connected to the Internet.


James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.