New Products

Radical Breeze's RadicalCodex

Give your favorite superheroes a desktop home with Radical Breeze's RadicalCodex 1.0, an ebook and digital comic-book organizer and reader just for Linux. RadicalCodex enables users to read, bookmark, search and organize their entire e-comic library. The reader not only supports the most popular ebook and comic formats—such as PDF, TXT, CBR and CBZ—but it also exports ebooks to both the Amazon Kindle and the Sony PRS-505 via drag and drop. The CBR and CBZ formats are favored by many “indie” comic-book publishers. RadicalCodex is available for purchase from Radical Breeze's on-line store.

The Mono Project's Moonlight

Ancient are the days of a multimedia-handicapped Linux, thanks in part to applications like Moonlight, a newly 1.0 open-source project that gives Linux users access to Microsoft Silverlight content for the first time. It also plays Windows Media content. Moonlight is developed by the Mono Project, sponsored by Novell, and it works in tandem with the Banshee media player. Moonlight is part of a technical collaboration between Microsoft and Novell that offers a set of media codecs that bring optimized and licensed decoders for the Microsoft-based media formats. Developers also can write Rich Internet Applications for multiple platforms. Moonlight is available for all major Linux distros.

Appro's GreenBlade System

In an effort to save you money and save the planet at the same time, Appro has launched its GreenBlade System, which the company bills as an “open, green and affordable blade solution for mid-sized businesses”. Based on Quad-Core AMD Opteron Processors, the GreenBlade is an energy-efficient solution that consolidates server, storage, network, power and simplified management capabilities. The solution comes in a 5U form factor and offers a variety of blade configurations with up to ten dual-processor server blades and 80 processing cores. Other features include up to 64GB of memory and 1.0TB of storage per compute blade, and up to four 1,625 Watt high-efficiency (90%+) power supplies per system. Appro's GreenBlade System also is part of the Appro Go-Green initiative that seeks to “address the HPC environmental challenges with performance-optimized and power-efficient solutions”.


James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.