MythVideo: Managing Your Videos

Managing your videos has gotten a little easier with MythVideo, but it helps knowing a few expert tricks.
A Word about Artwork

The artwork retrieved for your videos for display while browsing the collection is not always ideal. Some videos end up with rather obscure poster art. If this bothers you, the simple solution is to scan the cover of your DVD case and save it to your posters directory. This directory is configured under General Settings in the Video Settings page. After you scan the case cover art, save the file in this directory using the same filename as the original poster file retrieved from IMDb. The filename for the poster of each video is listed in the Video Manager page. Alternatively, you can save it using a different name and then manually edit the metadata from the Video manager.

The size of your scan doesn't matter, although you might want to make it roughly the same size as the original poster art to reduce the time MythTV spends resizing the image. Resizing occurs all the time and is based on the settings for the number of rows and columns to display or whether you're in List or Browse mode. So, there is no really ideal size. The file format for poster art should be JPEG.

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Need help about my vedio call in messenger

jocelyn's picture

hi hello there. I have my linpus linux lite computer and everything is work perfectly and my problem is my vedio call in messenger it doesn't work. what should i do??? hope someone can help with my problem.

thank you,

Limpus Linux

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Hi, I had Limpus Linux 9.5 on my laptop. I didn't find it very useful at all.

It has new been replaced with Ubuntu, which I find much more helpful.

In a few words, get rid!!!!