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Reviewing the Cradlepoint PHS300

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Wish the writer spoke the truth

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Please note the errors in this article. The CTR350 does not have a battery and needs an external power source to run.

And the PHS300 does not charge/run off of USB at least not with any of the cables provided. There is not USB in (mini or full size) to power the device. Only the power adapter plug. Now if Cradlepoint provided a device with a USB mini in for power/recharging....

The CTR350 is the better choice than the PHS300

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As noted previously, the CTR350, does have the ethernet port and doesn't have a battery, but that's easily resolved.

Goto your local radio shack and pickup a 4xAA battery holder and the appropriate power jack cable and using 2200mah NiMH batteries, you'll get about 4 hours runtime with the CTR350. I am writing this comment from just such a setup. The AA battery pack is actually smaller than the CTR350, so it's very compact. Using a C cell pack gets, you more run time, but I've never run the C cell pack dry so I don't know how long that'll be.

The best option IMO, is the Tekkeon MP3450 battery pack

This will run the CTR350 for something like 50+ hours. This is my battery of choice since it will also charge my PDA ot cellphone at the same time as it's running my CTR350. I keep the AA pack in my bag as a backup or when I need a smaller footprint.

All of the above is covered in the forums, here's a good thread that got me started

Also note, all new mp3450's that you buy from Tekkeon directly have the fix for the problem with feedback that resulted in CTR350's basically going up in smoke. If you order from another reseller make sure you ask for the Cradlepoint safe version, see this thread for the history


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Note: the CTR 350 and CTR 500 both have Ethernet ports, neither come with rechargeable batteries. The CTR 350 is deck-of-cards tiny thus the lack of a battery. The CTR 500 is the same size as the PHS 300 but swaps the room taken by the battery for a very useful PCI Express card slot.