Hacking the Eee PC

How to tweak your Eee PC.


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asus eee pc

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Hacking the eee PC

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Wonderful article. Just what I was looking for. I might mention one tiny nit. In the section where Jes is talking about apt pinning, the entry for the pin should be:

Pin: origin update.eeepc.asus.com

rather than

Pin: origin update.eepc.asus.com

How to not lose those screws.

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Go into the kitchen and get a tea cup or coffee cup, style doesn't matter, but I like wider ones than narrower ones.

Drop the screws and the memory panel and your small screwdriver, for that matter, into the cup.

Now everything is easy to find.

If you feel especially hygienic, wash the cup when you're done.

If you feel really hygienic,

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If you feel really hygienic, wash the cup before you begin.

new file engine search

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Just wondering if installing

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Just wondering if installing an alternative OS, like Ubuntu EEE or eeexubuntu would void my warranty. I had an HP laptop at one point, I installed Ubuntu 7.10 and they said I voided my warranty by doing that. Hopefully Asus isn't as lame.

Asus eeePC hacks

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More eeePC hacks, please! The installed Xandrox Linux system--which apparently is an offshoot of Debian--does not include very many advanced apps, such as a java interpreter, c/c++ compiler, or other developer tools. Xandrox.com has only 2 free tools for download (neither of which looks interesting!) and I am not sure if Debian or Ubuntu programs will run correctly (So it seems from the eeePC forums I have been looking at)..so please, more command line hacks, lists of compatible Linux software and sources, and help to "Xandrosize" other Linus Software!

frontier sciences group

A couple of tips

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The main IceWM config file on my Eee 900 is actually ~/.icewm/preferences

And after editing the file you don't have to reboot for changes to take effect; just issue 'killall -HUP icewm'

A couple of tips

Anonymous's picture

The main IceWM config file on my Eee 900 is actually ~/.icewm/preferences

And after editing the file you don't have to reboot for changes to take effect; just issue 'killall -HUP icewm'

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