freeVSD Enables Safe Experimentation

Using freeVSD enables self-sufficient systems and can save software headaches.

freeVSD is a promising product. The technique of running multiple server processes for each virtual server results in a robust and reasonably efficient solution. The illusion that the virtual server is a dedicated machine is fairly convincing, but the lack of full control over the virtual's filesystem can be occasionally frustrating. Plus the Admin user's inability to install RPMs is somewhat limiting. But for moderate development, especially where the primary tools you need are already installed and compatible with freeVSD, this is one of the quickest ways to create a fresh Linux system. The chances of inadvertently goofing up the host from a virtual server are negligible.

Randall Embry ( lives with his wife, four-year-old daughter and two cats in Bloomington, Indiana. Last year, he traded in his laptop for a 28-pound “luggable” with a 15-inch LCD screen. (It runs Linux, of course.) In addition to programming and aggressively enjoying Linux, Randall manages a team of programmers and network engineers at Dataworks, the IT consulting division of Fine Light. See for more information.