At the Forge - Unobtrusive JavaScript

Remove JavaScript event handlers from HTML files using Prototype and Lowpro.

Unobtrusive JavaScript is an increasingly popular style for working with JavaScript, particularly when it comes to defining event handlers. Prototype makes it easier to work with events than with raw JavaScript, but the Lowpro library makes it even easier than that. With Lowpro, it becomes quite simple to assign event handlers to any combination of elements in our document, without having to clutter up our HTML page or worry about when the page has loaded.

Reuven M. Lerner, a longtime Web/database developer and consultant, is a PhD candidate in learning sciences at Northwestern University, studying on-line learning communities. He recently returned (with his wife and three children) to their home in Modi'in, Israel, after four years in the Chicago area.



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So interresting...

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Thanks for this article. Clear and so usefull...