Acer Aspire One

Acer Aspire One—just another Netbook or the pinnacle of tiny computing?


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The only real weak point we

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The only real weak point we found on the Aspire One was its battery life. With wireless on and the backlight on at around half, ?

Now there has 9Cell battery for Aspire one that can work 5-6 hours

can u get windows live

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can u get windows live messanger on acer aspire one laptop, i strugglin 2 get it and the messanger wont work that came on this laptop, wot do i do.
also how do u delete fotos of photo master. hope u carn help me. i need the help. fanx . xxx

Installing downloads onto an Acer Aspire One

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I am trying to install Drop Box onto my Acer Aspire One - I have tried the xfce route described above and can now access that. All I get are a list of programs that I could install but not the one I downloaded. The application is in the download area but I can't get it into a position where I can install it. Any ideas? I am working on files that I want to be able to open from my other computers.

Linux compatability and aspire one add/remove programs list

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hi Abdala Carlos,

if you want to install programs onto your aspire one then you have make sure that it is compatible with fedora 7 as this is what the aspire one operating system is based around, no files with the extension .exe at the end will run on the aspire one. A good way to install programs is by running the add/remove program found under system in the advanced menu

( If you don't have the advanced menu enabled then hold down alt and F2 at the same time, when the window pops up type xterm into the run program box. When the terminal window appears type in " xfce-setting-show " without the quotation marks, and press enter, this will open up the xfce desktop settings, click on desktop, click on the behavior tab, then tick the show menu on right click under the menus subtitle.)

Right click on the desktop and click on system, then add or remove programs to install/remove programs. (some might not add/remove without installing or removing repositories)

Hope this helped and sorry for long time to reply :)

installing programs

Abdala, Carlos's picture

Hi! I'm a new user of linux and I can't install any programs in my aspire one. Please, is there this option or it's my fault?



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