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Floating Point Math in Bash, Part 2 (Wait for System Load)

If you run scripts that require a lot of execution time it's a good idea to try to avoid letting them overload your system. You can run them via nice, but if for example your script is sending a bunch of emails your email daemon isn't running via nice and it may itself get out of control. One way to deal with this is by using the values in /proc/loadavg to pause when your system load gets too high. more>>

Creating an Audio CD with mp3cd

I guess the title tells you too much. The reality is that I was given some MP3 files and wanted to put them on a normal audio CD so the non-geeks here could listen to them. Thus, consider this a geek to non-geek conversion article. more>>

Going Green

It would seem, that unless you are not actively involved in the current world (perhaps you are busy studying the galaxy or wondering whether that really is water on Mars), you might have heard something about going green. more>>

Unison Comes to Ubuntu

Have you been looking for a way to merge your PBX, email, IM, and calendar/contacts onto one unified server? If so, Ubuntu has the announcement you've been waiting for, as they revealed a so-fresh-it-still-has-the-shrinkwrap partnership with Unison Technologies during the LinuxWorld Expo on Tuesday. more>>

Freespire to Ditch Ubuntu for a Return to Debian

After last month's super-secret acquisition of Linspire by Xandros, there was much speculation about what might become of Freespire, Linspire's Open Source side. The curtain has now been pulled back, as Xandros announced yesterday just what users can expect from the next version of Freespire. more>>

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Get Your Webcam Working with GSPCA

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Webcams are notorious for their lack of support under Linux. But thanks to GSPCA, many webcams now have functional V4L drivers. This tutorial covers the building, installation, and configuration of the GSPCA drivers, including how to adjust color balance and brightness directly at the kernel module level. more>>

Apple Busts Black Hat Talk

The Black Hat Briefings — the "premier North American technical information security conference" — is up and running in glittering Los Vegas, but it's running without its crown jewel, after Apple put the kibosh on what was set to be a first-of-its-kind panel discussion. more>>

Press Release: Linux Journal Launches Mobile Web Site

HOUSTON, TX – August 1, 2008 – Belltown Media, Inc., publisher of the award-winning monthly magazine Linux Journal, is pleased to announce the launch of a mobile version of its popular Linux Journal web site. more>>

The BeagleBoard: $149 Linux System

If you're looking for a new project, check out the beagleboard. The beagleboard is low cost fanless development board with Linux support. And it is low cost, you can get one for $149 from digikey. more>>

Let's Call It a UVPC

Technically, the Noahpad from E-Lead Electronic is a Linux-based UMPC, or an Ultra-Mobile PC. Generally speaking, a UMPC is smaller than a notepad and bigger than a Mobile Internet Device (MID). But, in fact, the Noahpad is so versatile and odd, it may deserve another category entirely. more>>

Money Is Just In The Way?

The tech-news sphere has been abuzz for the last few days with stories and speculation about Open Source projects swimming in cash that they can't use. While it's all based on a real story, it seems the details have been changed to protect the fanciful. more>>

Firefox Sees Market Share Spikes

The browser wars are still alive and well, and for the Number One Contender — the illustrious Firefox browser from Mozilla — it's been a pretty good month. more>>

Windows PC Stolen: What Should I Do?

An obviously dopey thief broke into my house and stole a clunky, dust-covered Windows Pentium III desktop. Oddly, he/she left behind my two cherished R Cubed Linux laptops and a big USB harddisk. What should I do?

Tell the police and put out an APB to the pawn shops. Get the machine back at all costs!!! 12% (78 votes) Tell the police but give them a Knoppix disk. Once they catch the thief, they can enlighten him with a real OS. 27% (180 votes) Don't tell the police...your home is now exorcised of its evil spirit. Jeez, James, don't you see the thief did you a favor? 61% (402 votes) Total votes: 660

Visit us at LinuxWorld Expo, Booth 1622

If you're in San Francisco this coming week, make sure to stop by LinuxWorld Conference and Expo at the Moscone Convention Center. Linux Journal will be there with some great show specials. Visit us in booth 1622. more>>

An Introduction to AIR

AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) is a wrapper around a set of technologies that enables developers to build rich Internet applications that deploy on the desktop. Applications are created using a mixture of JavaScript, HTML, and Flash. The resulting more>>

Linux Product Insider - CherryPal 'Green' PC

This week's "Linux Product Insider" features the CherryPal C100 PC, DragonflyBSD 2.0, SansDigital’s MobileNAS MN4L+, Mandriva and Precedent Technologies’ TechSurfer PC and Joey Lott et al.’s Adobe AIR in Action more>>

Look Who Gave Money to Apache

ASF seems to have a new member to the tune of at least $100,000/year. Who? None other than Microsoft. The information is in Sam Ramji's blog. Who? more>>

British Hacker Slips One Step Closer to US Prison

For over a year — February 2001 through March 2002 — a self-described British "computer nerd" quietly accessed U.S. military and NASA computers from his home in London, on what he termed a "moral crusade" to expose U.S. government cover-ups of UFO activity. Now, having twice lost the fight against extradition, he is teetering on the brink of becoming a U.S. prisoner, and possibly disappearing into the depths of Guantanamo Bay. more>>

Is Google's Knol already becoming a den of spam?

Heard about Knol yet? It's Google's Xth new service, and it's a place where you can put up "an authoritative article about a specific topic". That's a knol too. Article=knol.

My first encounter with Knol was at Pointless Games more>>