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Linux On The Desktop: Who Cares!

Every so often, you read on Slashdot, Digg, or some other techie news site that Linux is finally ready for the desktop. It's finally to the point that any end user could sit down at a computer and happily compute away. The applications are sufficiently sanitized and Windows-like that even Grandma can use them. more>>

More Geek Gifts

When my family goes shopping, these are the types of gifts they get me. Don't let my expression fool you, however, I actually love wearing this hat hat in public... more>>

Sitio en Español

I just tripped on which is a Drupal-based site about Linux. It's in Spanish. Yeah, there are lots of sites about Linux in Spanish but this is interesting as it has active forums and some cool links (such as a Drupal discussion in Spanish and Kubuntu in Spanish.

No entiende? Haga clic aqui.

Facebook to Join the Open Platform Party...Could it be a Little Too Late?

Facebook — the No. 2 social network and perennial hangout of the college set — has a habit of exercising strict, sometimes iron-fisted control over user data, particularly who — including the users themselves — gets to use it. If the rumor mill has it right, though, that's about to change, as Facebook is reportedly on the brink of releasing their Facebook Platform under an Open Source license. more>>

Managing your Life with eGroupWare

If your life is like mine, it's probably more complicated than it should be. There's that full time job, social events, and vacations to say nothing of various side businesses and their associated deadlines. The kids have Cub Scouts, soccer, and baseball. Since we homeschool, we have science club, field trips and play dates. And it seems that everyone we know has 2 email more>>

eBay Seller Tip: Don't List Your Baby for €1

Those who sell on eBay generally know the elements that make a listing sizzle: catchy titles, detailed descriptions, clear photographs, quick responses to buyer queries, etc. There is one less generally mentioned, though, but clearly as important: "If you're listing your kids, expect trouble." more>>

Operation OOXML, Part 7 x 10<sup>512</sup>: The Appeals Arrive

Just when we thought the OOXML standard war was over — or overdue, if the ISO was paying any attention to the rules — it's back, and it's going to get ugly. South Africa has sounded the call to arms, and fired the first shot at the shoddy process with a formal appeal alleging the irregular irregularities have brought shame on the ISO, and cast "the processes enshrined in the Directives into disrepute." more>>

Cartoons Make it All Okay

Everyone — except perhaps those who have been living under a rock — knows that the Chinese government censors the internet. Nobody, except the Chinese government, is happy about it, but it's what they do. However, when they try to censor an 8.0 Mw earthquake, it gets a little bit strange, to say the least. more>>

Bash Regular Expressions

When working with regular expressions in a shell script the norm is to use grep or sed or some other external command/program. Since version 3 of bash (released in 2004) there is another option: bash's built-in regular expression comparison operator "=~". more>>

Yahoo Calls a Time-Out – And Drops a Player

Yahoo — the embattled search giant that just barely fought off assimilation by Microsoft early this month, has turned tail in at least a partial retreat from the closing forces of Carl Icahn. more>>

Package Management - Avoiding the Two Step

apt-get, up2date, yum, pkgtool, dpkg, rpm -- we have lots of ways to avoid compiling programs. For the most part, I don't think that it's because we don't like to compile programs, but rather because most of the modern package management tools take care of dependancies, versioning, etc. more>>

Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Be still my heart.

In an interview with contributor, Glyn Moody, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth announced an upcoming Ubuntu distribution for ultraportables, referred to as "Netbook Remix."

TG: Will you be coming out with a tailored version of Ubuntu for the ultraportable sector? more>>

Ya Estan Los Votos

On I brought up language translation issues. (It has to do with Spanish/English, but for you geeks, just pretend it is about C++ or Perl or something.) My wife asked me what "The votes are in!" on the cover of the current LJ meant (in Spanish). more>>

The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

"The geek shall inherit the Earth." Such is the ending of New York Times' columnist David Brooks fascinating piece titled "The Alpha Geeks" (May 23, 2008). In it, Brooks offers a back-of-the-napkin history on the rise of geeks and the current power of geek culture. more>>

Linux Product Insider: RHEL 5.2

This week's "Linux Product Insider" features Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2, Astaro Security Gateway 7.2, SugarCRM Data Center Edition, Struts 2 in Action, NAG Toolbox for MATLAB and eXtremeDB Fusion powers DIRECTV. more>>

OLPC Gets a Facelift – But is it Enough?

The One Laptop Per Child program has had a run of bad luck lately, including high-profile conflicts with corporate backers and rampant hemorrhaging of key talent. Now the focus of their PR campaign is the next version of the XO — but can it make up for the multitude of misfires? more>>

How to Install and Use ndiswrapper [Video]

Hardware manufacturers often don't release specifications of their products to the open source community, so programs like ndiswrapper become necessary. This video demonstrates how to use Windows wireless drivers in Linux using ndiswrapper. more>>

Microsoft Promises to Play Nice with ODF

Just months after pulling every dirty trick known to man out of the bag to secure ISO approval for OOXML — the terminally broken document format that even Microsoft itself can't get to work — Evil Incorporated has now announced that more>>

Online Storage with Wuala

At it's most basic level, Wuala is an online storage service. Like other services it aims to allow you to access your files from anywhere, even if your home or office computer is turned off. You can store any file in your Wuala 'drive' and they can be any size (up to your storage limit, of course). more>>

Bash Process Substitution

In addition to the fairly common forms of input/output redirection the shell recognizes something called process substitution. Although not documented as a form of input/output redirection, its syntax and its effects are similar. more>>