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Freescale may be the first semiconductor company to associate itself aggressively with portable Linux devices. The former Motorola semiconductor division is sharply targeting the low-priced Linux-based Netbook market, which is hot in the world market and just starting to get warm in the US. more>>

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Commandline101: Creating Symbolic Links

How to create symbolic links from the command line. Making shortcuts to the files you use most can make your life easier.

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Troubleshooting Network Problems

Back when I worked in the Network Operations department at one of my previous jobs, we used to chuckle when a customer would call us reporting that “the Internet is down.” Now, I realize that there are otherwise intelligent computer users out there who don't understand why that might cause a technician to chuckle, and I'm not trying to make fun of them. more>>

KDE Hopes for a Flood of Ideas

A project that has no goals — no bugs to fix, no features to implement — has only stagnation to look forward to. The best prevention for this kind of stagnation is an active community of users who are quick to share what they want with the developers — even if there is the occasional users vs. devs feature stalemate. The KDE Project has no shortage of community-contributed ideas, and to keep the concepts flowing freely, the powers-that-be have implemented a new feature of their own: A designated section of the KDE Community Forums christened The "Brainstorm" Forum. more>>

Slice and Dice PDF

Using poppler-tools and psutils, you can extract a range of pages from a larger PDF file. For example, if you want to extract pages 11–14 of the PDF file afile.pdf, you could use the following command: more>>

Firefox Tops 46%?

In the seemingly never-ending browser wars, monthly usage statistics are an important metric of just what is really going on on the "battlefield." For Open Source advocates, these statistics are equally if not more important, as they give a reasonably reliable overview of Open Source adoption. That may explain some of the excitement surrounding February's browser statistics, which seem to show Firefox topping the list. more>>

Testing 3.0 - A Sneak Peek at 64 Studio 3.0 and Ardour3

This week, I present two Studio Dave mainstays, the 64 Studio media-optimized Linux distribution and the Ardour digital audio workstation (DAW), both of which are in the late stages of development toward milestone releases. I invite my readers to take a look at what's coming our way in 64 Studio 3.0 and Ardour3. more>>

IPv6 - Survey Says...!

A new survey out from the Internet Society (ISOC) and reported by Network World would have you believe there is no business case for the move to IPv6. more>>

Firefox Releases Beta Browser Fennec

The devices we use to access the internet are growing smaller and smaller, with more and more users turning to mobile devices to get their web fix on the fly. Nearly everyone in the browser market is scrambling to get their own mobile offering up to snuff, and Open Source heavyweight Mozilla is no exception. more>>

Stop Telling sudo Your Password

If you get tired of typing your password for sudo, but you don't want (or don't have permissions) to put NOPASSWD in your sudoers file, you can use the following procedure to update the sudo password timestamp and avoid typing your password.

Step 1) Create $HOME/bin/ more>>

Shopping on Penguins

I was pointed recently to Zappos as a near-perfect example of a company that brings the principles of open source to business. Its site is inventive and fancy (as you'd expect a clothing retailer to be), but not a triumph of design over utility. What's more, it's fast. more>>

Tux Takes A (Tasmanian) Vacation

One would be hard pressed to find a Linux user who hasn't at one point or another become acquainted with Tux, the fine-flippered fellow who serves as mascot for all things Linux. Everybody needs a break now and again, though, and so Tux has gone on sabbatical — reportedly to work as a barber — leaving the face of a very worthy cause to hold down the fort. more>>

It's *Not* The 15th Birthday of Linux – and Why That Matters

Last week, I wondered whether I'd gone back in time. Everywhere I went online – on news sites, blogs and Twitter – people were celebrating the 15th birthday of Linux, it seemed. “How is this possible?” I asked myself. “Since Linux was started in 1991, that must mean we are in 2006: have I fallen through a wormhole into the past?” more>> Base: Editing Information in a Database

Once you have a database set up, sooner or later you will want to edit its tables or add a new record. You have four ways to do so. more>>

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Taking Snapshots of Windows with Open Menus

How to take screenshots of windows with open menus using the delay feature in ksnapshot.

Use Comcast? Change Your Password

Having strong passwords that are frequently changed is the first line of defense against being on the receiving end of a compromised user account. This is the lesson being learned by a number of Comcast customers this week, as the appearance of a mass login list prompts the company to begin freezing accounts. more>>

Access the X Window System Clipboard from the Command Line with xclip

Ever selected text from your terminal so you could paste it into an X application? Drop the mouse and use xclip instead. Using xclip, you simply can pipe the contents that you want to clip directly into xclip: more>>