PDF or Enhansed Digital Edition

When you start the Enhanced Digital Edition will we only be able to get one or the other. I prefer .PDF but at times the Enhanced Digital Edition would be a nice change.

same subscription, with 2 options, for the same price?

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LJ staff,

could someone explain to me why if i want to receive a PDF, i pay the same price as someone with the enhanced digital subscription, but loose access to the enhanced edition? they get the same as me (the PDF), and more (the digital edition *enhanced*). Yet, simply because I would rather read/receive the PDF, i loose the enhanced edition? hy make the distinction? as a subscriber, i should be able to access either/both at any time without having to make a choice prior. or if there is a difference, that should be reflected in the cost of the subscription.

Just give me both, at least

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Just give me both, at least at first I don't want to do extra work if I want the PDF version after selecting the enhanced version. Just send me an email with 2 links....

why is it one or both

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you've written about being open and about choice,
so what's with this artificially unbalanced access ?

it would be more open to _announce_ both,
and why not have
a link to the PDF within the EDE
a link to the EDE within the PDF !?!

Cool that helps. I've

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Cool that helps. I've received other magazines in past with similar readers it was okay, but have the pdf is portable and so many tools that read pdf's I know I can alway read them into future.

As for digital versus print in the past I might of been upset, but after a years of saving magazines and moving, digital is so much more convient.

Pro Tip: Sign up for the enhanced edition for access to both

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Subscribers to the enhanced edition will receive an e-mail with the URL for the new issue each month, and they can also get PDF copies at any time by logging in to our subscription management pages and downloading them. Subscribers that have selected the PDF edition will not have access to the enhanced digital edition unless they change their preferred method of receiving it.

Rebecca Cassity is the Director of Sales for Linux Journal

So it just adds access to the

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So it just adds access to the "Enhanced Edition" but does not remove access to the subscriber downloads page which, while missing TOC Bookmarks, seems to otherwise be a better quality PDF? The documentation was not clear, especially since it is a toggle on the subscriber page, suggesting it might have been an either/or situation.


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Yes, and we'll try to clarify the documentation on it. All subscribers will have access to the PDF archive on our subscription pages, but you will only receive access to the enhanced version in addition if you choose to receive the magazine in this format.

Rebecca Cassity is the Director of Sales for Linux Journal

How to switch format choice?

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I keep seeing reference to the ability to do this but can't find any way to actually do it. Thanks.

Both the "PDF" and "Enhanced

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Both the "PDF" and "Enhanced Digital Edition" offer a PDF copy for download but zooming in on the pages, it looks like the PDF of "PDF" version is of a slightly higher resolution, but the EDE includes bookmarks/TOC embedded within the .pdf that is not included in the PDF edition, making navigating to a particular article a little quicker.