I don't mind a Digital Edition as long as the page layout works

Double column page layouts do not work on any eReader device I have. WAY TO MUCH SCROLLING. This is why I don't like the current .PDF's of the issues.

If you are going all digital I would expect to see single column pages optimized for a digital reader, not for a printed page. I don't want to have to download another 'app' just so I can view your content.

Otherwise, I am going to be asking for a refund myself.

Joseph Hume
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My op/ed: I really preferred

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My op/ed: I really preferred version 1.deadtree to version 2.neuromancer, but I'm still debating their merits and demerits.

  1. Con: can't throw it into my gym/sleeping bag and go - epads need charging, break easily, get stolen; and laptops/netbooks harsh my (yes, pathetic) gym cred… and break and get stolen… and fall off the treadmill podium.
  2. Con: my subscription now costs an extra $200+ because I don't currently have an epad (ok, it's amortized over future subscriptions and over other apps, but it still increases the price of the sub for me).
  3. Pro: pdftotext dljxxx.pdf yields greppable text.
  4. Pro: I can read the mag in dark places (bedroom, cross-country red-eyes, server closets, goblin caves, etc).

There are other issues, but those are the most glaring/beatific. And I'm sure they were all discussed at LJ staff meetings over Snickers and Coke.

We'll see.

Ditto on eReader layout

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I prefer the PDF over the Enhanced "Tool". But at the same time, as a recipient of the print+digital, the PDF's would be much nicer if their layout was more conducive to eReaders and sideways netbooks :-).

To be honest, I've got an 2006 or so CD Rom of back issues. Its format is HTML with CSS. Hrm. That old school, 100% width table & CSS2 views perfectly on everything from Lynx || Emacs || w3m || screen reader/TTS || mobile browser || desktop. I can grep articles and code. And it even prints WYSIWYG too. Why, is there some smancy AJAXy web app?

Can I have all my editions in HTML3 or HTML4 with CSS and no Javascript please ?

Mark S.

Can one keep more than one month's Enhanced Digital edition?

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I know nothing about how Google Gears works, so this might not be any problem, but some experimenting with downloading the Enhanced Digital Edition of the September issue makes me wonder whether it is possible to download and save many month's copies of the Enhanced version. There seems be be nothing in the URL of the shortcut or in the icon name on the page the shortcut opens up that includes the date of the issue, so I imagine that October's issue would overwrite September's issue, and so on.

Even if it is possible to download and save multiple issues in the Enhanced version, I have no idea how one would back up the files in which it is stored or transfer them to another computer when I next upgrade, etc.

So I wonder whether Google Gears is a wise choice to use for the downloaded Enhanced version. Perhaps these things are not really a problem and it is just that I do not understand how to work with Google Gears. If that is the case, I'd appreciate some instruction on the matter. On the other hand, if it is not possible to download and keep multiple month's issues or easily backup/restore or transfer to a new computer, I'd appreciate it if Linux Journal corrected those deficiencies.

October will not replace

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October will not replace September, and you will have access to all issues from September forward with the enhanced digital edition. You may also download pdfs, and soon epubs, to store as you wish.

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Will the Android app be

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Will the Android app be fixed? If I access the issue from the Library option the sample code is not showed but if I access from the issue url (texterity) the code shows as normal.