Happy Reader Unsubscribes

I only subscribe to 2 magazines and for 7 years LJ has been one of them. It's a fantastic magazine. Because of the move to digital only, as many others have done, this otherwise happy reader has canceled his subscription. There is a surplus of quality Linux and OSS information and the hardcopy format helped to distinguish LJ.

Perhaps if LJ moves back to a print edition, I'll re-subscribe. Who knows. It's really an unfortunate end.

On a positive note, customer service made it very easy to unsubscribe. I had to do the math for the customer service rep though. The computer came up a few bucks low with an odd amount which wasn't even a multiple of my $20 yearly rate divided by 12. Six to 8 weeks to get the refund check.

Take care, all!

Hey, I have been long time

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Hey, I have been long time fan of Linux Journal. I can't unsubscribe from it as like you. It's really brilliant blog site as so far. Thanks!

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Dear LJ: RIP

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It is ironic (but as I think about it probably logical – more on this later) that on about the second anniversary of the disappearance of Marcel Gagne (Sept 2009 was his final column), we have now the disappearance of the print edition of Linux Journal.

In his Sept 2011 column, “Off the Press: Why all digital is more liberating then some digital and some print”, Doc Searls does a piece of self-rationalizing propaganda that would make Steve Balmer and Joseph Goebbels smile. He may as well have said, “Linuxers of the world unite and throw off the tyranny of choice.”

I have gone back to the July and August issues, and can find no clue that this event was going to occur. The only mention of it was apparently in an email that I never saw:

In a similar manner, not a drop of ink was spilt on the explanation of why the second longest running columnist (after Reuven Lerner) was purged without a trace. I wrote a letter to the editor then, which was ignored. Nor can I believe I was the only one of the subscribers who attempted it – they were similarly censored. The similar timing of these events leads me to conclude that the LJ board meeting must be in August, and the resulting votes are enacted immediately without any attempt to engage the mere peasants that make up the subscriber base.

That the flagship magazine of open source software should exemplify the ultimate in closed door decisions which are then “shared” with the customer base – after the fact – is an ironic, abominable treachery of the “openness wave” that this magazine has ridden – and supposedly represents.

I have been an LJ subscriber since Phil Hughes ran it from SSC, and I saw him and Carlie in the halls of UW-Seattle. But it cannot long survive the duplicitous stance that it has adopted. LJ has peaked, and is in a decaying orbit to oblivion. The sad fact is, I will ride it all the way down because the columnists are that good. But they, and we subscribers, deserve better. For shame.


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