End of an Era

In my opinion the move from hard copy magazines to digital format marks the end of Linux Journal as we know it, and not in a good way.

I have been buying Linux Journal for about five years and have had a subscription for about 1.5 years.

Even though I buy other Linux magazines Linux Journal is the only one that I buy on a regular basis (I never miss an issue).

I buy Linux Journal for 2 main reasons:
1. I am passionate about Linux and Linux Journal is in my opinion is the best publication available.
2. It is a hard copy magazine that I can read anywhere (I usually read it on the train ride to work).

No longer having a hard copy of the magazine means that it no longer meets my needs.

If I want to read information on my computer screen I can get everything that is in Linux Journal from the Internet. From this point of view having a digital copy serves no purpose.

I can no longer read Linux Journal on the train, whilst relaxing on the balcony on the weekends, or any other place I would normally read it.

Thanks Linux Journal for providing a great magazine over the years, reading it has been pure pleasure.
However, I definitely won’t be renewing when my subscription expires.

BTW, the digital options available are very poor.
Reading PDF on a small screen device is definitely not fun.
The enhanced digital edition is not much better.

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