Current digital subscriber

I just thought I post this as an existing digital-only subscriber.

When the digital edition was first announced I snapped it up and although there were teething problems it suited my needs (as a UK reader, the print version worked out prohibitively expensive).

I too prefer a paper-based magazine so I can read it wherever and whenever I want to. It's much easier on my eyes to read from paper than from the screen. So I print it out myself! Then once I've read it, I recycle the paper. Having a duplex printer does help, though!

It also means that I can maintain my LJ back catalogue without using up any physical space (and even carry it around on my phone or USB flash drive if I want to).

Just my point of view.


Me too, but wanted EPUB

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I also am already a digital subscriber.

I thought I would be able to use Calibre to convert it to EPUB, my preferred digital format. But PDF is an altogether awful format which Calibre converts poorly and my Sony Reader displays horribly (it displays PDF LJs horribly also).

I'm disappointed with my digital subscription, but mainly because of the format. I am skeptical about whether the enhanced format will be any better.