Zorin PC

After waiting like Job for the pre-installed Linux machines we deserved, we've arrived at a literal Garden of Eden full of worthy choices. A compelling new offering is the Zorin PC, a new mini-laptop that runs its own Linux distro, Zorin OS. On the hardware side, the Zorin PC's sexy selling point is its rotatable touchscreen display, which allows one to use the device as a regular laptop, a tablet device, an e-reader or a media center. The display rotates 180°, allowing one to share pictures or videos with friends. Folding it down as a tablet makes it feel like an Amazon Kindle. The touchscreen uses digitizer technology, which lets one take handwritten notes. On the software side, one can order a Windows 7/Zorin OS dual-boot option, the latter of which comes in Home, Educational and Business editions. A software repository is included for installing tons of additional software programs.



James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.


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zorin pc

Anonymous's picture

this better be better than zorin os professional. i bought the disk for zorin professional. loaded it, ran for a couple of weeks before it totally crashed my system, i really liked it when it worked well, lot of nice features, lots of bling. waste of money.


Kent Crispin's picture

Couldn't find price or availability information on the web site -- did I miss something?


ciotog's picture

Strange, it seems there should be a link to the store between "Gallery" and "Support"...


Looks like it's primarily for the European market.


Fare soldi's picture

Nice tablet device, great as a luxury ebook reader.