I'm often compared to the Absent-Minded Professor. I take it as a great compliment, because in the movie, he's brilliant. Unfortunately, when people refer to me as him, it's the "absent-minded" part they're stressing—not the "professor" part.

During the past few years, I've written about task-management systems, "get things done" digital tools and ways to keep track of to-do lists in Linux. This month, I'm sharing Wunderlist, which is a cross-platform task-management and sharing utility that is truly amazing. When I say cross-platform, I really mean it too. Wunderlist works in Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry, the Web and probably another half-dozen interfaces I've yet to encounter.

Although it has a robust feature set including task list sharing, due dates, task notes, the ability to drag tasks between lists and keep track of completed items, for me, its real value is in its simplicity. Wunderlist doesn't try to do too much; it just does task lists really, really well. If you haven't seen Wunderlist in action before, put it on your list today: http://www.wunderlist.com.


Shawn is Associate Editor here at Linux Journal, and has been around Linux since the beginning. He has a passion for open source, and he loves to teach. He also drinks too much coffee, which often shows in his writing.


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I used to use Wunderlist v1 a

Vaidik Kapoor's picture

I used to use Wunderlist v1 a lot. But I think that Wunderlist 2 really sucks.

What I currently use and I am really happy with is Any.do (http://www.any.do/). I think its extremely simple, mobile apps are really nice and it integrates really well with Android and Chrome (not available for Firefox yet :( ). And of course, they don't have a Linux app and no public APIs. :'(

its good one but i think that

Dzak's picture

its good one but i think that wants some more work to do. Especially in android mobiles.

As of Wunderlist 2,

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As of Wunderlist 2, Wunderlist no longer supports Linux according to Wunderlist itself: http://support.wunderlist.com/customer/portal/questions/805668-linux-ver...

With that said, Wunderlist has always placed style over substance, preferring to make a pretty app that would make Apple fanboys drool instead of a feature-rich task system. The result has been that it has always trailed other task management services in features. Wunderlist is mostly suited to people who really just need a basic task management tool that looks really cool.

I agree with you, slightly.

Vaidik Kapoor's picture

I agree with you, slightly. But, just making a pretty app (even though its for basic task management) does not make sense if the user experience is bad.

I think Wunderlist 2 has really messed up its UX. I used to use Wunderlist (v1) and I found it really nice, apart from the fact that its Linux app was so broken. When I switched over to Wunderlist 2, I find it extremely difficult to figure out how to do many things that I used to do in v1.

Gmail Tasks

David James's picture

I actually use Gmail Tasks for all my "To Do" lists. This is most useful for me as I pretty much always have a Gmail session open and it integrates so well the my android devices.

I did look at wunderlist but it didn't seem to add anything that I don't already have with Google Tasks.

taskwarrior looks so damn cool! Plus there is an android app in the making too, YAY!

I still think Wunderlist

larrinski's picture

I still think Wunderlist needs some work. I wish it recognized dates within the task field. Like "buy milk today" and have it recognize today as the due date. Same goes for a time something is due. When you enter a due date, you can't put in a time, which I find useful for appointments...

I still prefer Remember the milk...

Very nice but where is a Linux version?

Another Cloud Account?'s picture

Why is it that cross-platform means Linux excluded? It'd really be nice if one could manage their notes and tasks across ALL platforms including Linux.

Currently I use EverNote which does not have a Linux version. I'm not really happy with the editing capabilities on Android. I might try Wunderlist though.

Using Wunderlist for about one Year

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Wunderlist is a really great tool! I'm using it now for about one year and i really like it. I think it's the beste Task Management Tool and available for every client!

Thumbs Up!

I use Lightning

Thunderbird Lightning's picture

I use Lightning (https://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/lightning/) for Thunderbird. Running a seperate program for tasks wouldn't do it for me.

Task Warrior

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Task Warrior (http://taskwarrior.org/) is my task list of choice, but I live on the command line.