Wireless connection problem


A friend of mine is traveling through Italy using an ASUS Linux-based laptop for internet access. He says that he is able to connect to the internet using ethernet 100% of the time, however is much less successful (about 10%) using wireless. Ethernet connections are not available at most hotels and B&Bs; wireless is the preferred choice.

Any ideas?


With wireless connections,

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With wireless connections, especially on the road, you're often subjected to many different wireless networks. They're not all created equal. You never know when you'll have a really "good" one, or one that's managed properly. Some may even have different rules and policies. Your friend is probably better off finding some place where he can bet on a "standard" wireless. Do they have the equivalent of Starbucks there? Typically these places roll out their wireless networks and they're all the same across the nation (globe?). They bank on the idea that hundreds of sites will ensure the customer gets the same experience.

Otherwise your friend may be better off with some sort of data plan from an international cell provider or something. Perhaps a data plan he can connect via bluetooth, and make sure it's available in Italy. That way he can expect the same thing wherever he goes.

Typically cell signals will work better, unless he's traversing the Italian countryside, cellular signals in rural areas may be sparse.

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