Which Linux distribution do you use most frequently?

Arch Linux
4% (328 votes)
4% (288 votes)
10% (824 votes)
9% (727 votes)
4% (314 votes)
5% (383 votes)
1% (93 votes)
5% (424 votes)
2% (159 votes)
Red Hat
2% (188 votes)
3% (200 votes)
Ubuntu (any flavor, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, etc.)
46% (3672 votes)
Yellow Dog Linux
0% (14 votes)
Other (let us know with a comment)
4% (314 votes)
Total votes: 7928


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Hi, I have voted for

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I have voted for "other", also Zenwalk GNU Linux.

I use two.

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I prefer Ubuntu to just about any other OS, but I also use Damn Small Linux (DSL).

I use Linux Mint (Ubuntu

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I use Linux Mint (Ubuntu derivative).

i use pardus

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i use pardus

Sabayon Linux

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I use Sabayon Linux! www.sabayonlinux.org


My Best IS " " P A R D U S " "

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In 2001 I started using linux with Suse, then I tried Mandrake, Redhat, Ubuntu..
For two years my BEST CHOICE is " p a r d u s "


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I use Pardus ;P
Its the best linux distribution I've ever tested ( Like; suse, ubuntu, kubuntu and xubuntu).


The Linux distribution I use

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The Linux distribution I use most frequently is Puppy Linux 3.01.


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Mint Fluxbox CE


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Consider using PLD linux - it really rocks. Especially well-prepared, modularized kernel with useful patch-o-matic patches, SELinux and so on.
I use it everywhere I can in production environment.


BTW. This post is sent using Ubuntu box, as I use i at work as workstation. PLD is awesome for server machines.

ubuntu is full of mono

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ubuntu is full of mono dependencies.. it doesn't work with them removed.. fail ..no software patents XD

debian.. for 9 years on both webservers and desktop

hmm...actually im using

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hmm...actually im using slackware for my desktop n ubuntu for my TOSHIBA L310. But since most of day i spent @ office n my lappie...so i use ubuntu on my lappie most frequently

All :)

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Currently I use Mint 6, SystemRescueCD and other LiveCD :]

Kubuntu yehooo

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Yehoooooo Kubuntu is more popular.........


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There's a letter in the most recent LJ , a guy is complaining about LJ writing about Ubuntu and using Ubuntu as examples and I think this proves they should continue to so or even more , LJ readers are mostly Ubuntu users and for obvious reasons. Because it's the best. Period.

Which distro?

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Well, I selected CentOS because we use that on 99% of our servers.
Mint 5 was easier than Fedora 6 on my workstation. Then tried out Ubuntu 8.10 64-bit, now running CrunchBang and dang it's stable as all get-out. Building second workstation for my cube on the side with Gentoo, bit of a learning curve that one.

Linux Mint 6 and I'm waiting

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Linux Mint 6

and I'm waiting to ne next one.. =D

Mint for the win

Linux Mint!!

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Linux Mint! I love it!

Linux Mint 6 Main (Felicia)

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Linux Mint es espectacular. Gracias a esta maravillosa distribución me estoy deshaciendo de WinXP. ¿Por qué no Ubuntu? Ubuntu es pesado, incluso Xubuntu.

(Sorry my english) Linux Mint is awesome. Thank this distribution I'm getting away from WinXP. ¿Why not Ubuntu? Because Ubuntu is so much heavy, even Xubuntu version.

which distro ?

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I'm finalizing a testing round of all the major distro's on a P2-64 + SATA + 2 GB RAM. I am not so demanding, but everything should work without command line. CrossOver, VLC, Filezilla, and recently Streamtuner/Streamripper have to work out of their box, without any problem. Guess which distro is the remainer and my winner: Yess, Mint 6 Felicia.


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/me uses BLAG

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[r7@box ~]$ cat /etc/blag-release
BLAG release 90001 (oxygen)
[r7@box ~]$

dose using presto count? I

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dose using presto count? I almost never boot in to my other OS's anymore

Linux Mint 6 Felicia

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While I wasn't a Linux Mint convert by choice, per se (accidentally overwrote my WinXP install instead of installing alongside it), I must say that I'm missing WinXP less and less every day. I'm looking forward to Mint 7.


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I've got four that I use with none having any particular lead over any other: Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat and CentOS. The first two I use more-or-less interchangeably as desktop systems and home servers, and the latter two I use more-or-less interchangeably as production servers and test platforms respectively at work. (I'd use Debian as a server more, but it's not up to me, although other divisions of our company do use it in the server room.)

I've nearly gotten to the point where I can build either (or both) .debs or .rpms in my sleep. :)

Linux Mint XFCE

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Ubuntu 8.10 didn't support the Wifi on my hp dv7 out of the box, which Linux Mint Felicia (XFCE) did. I've also got an older IBM Thinkpad R52 (2 gig ram and it runs like a brand new lap-top), which took 20 minutes to get installed and hooked to the wifi with Felicia.

Love it. :)

Linux, not ready for Desktop.

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Need To do much more jobs on "User Experience". which is much more better its security and stable

Not ready for Desktop?

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And you would tell me you have tried Linux Mint on your desktop? It is the distro that allowed me to walk away from crashable Windoze forever!

Linux Mint

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Mint: Ubuntu Better that Ubuntu Hehe
I'm using Linux mint, and I think I'll stay whit it

Mint 6

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Mint 6 for me and looking forward to Mint 7

2 way tie

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Not sure how to vote. I use OpenSuSE 11.x and Ubuntu about evenly, with PCLinuxOS behind those.

Ubuntu is the iPhone of

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Ubuntu is the iPhone of Linux Distros! Slick, trendy, and for noobs :P

CentOS at work, Gentoo at home

Why spend time with friends when there's Gentoo?

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Thanks for that elitist drivel. Some of us have better things to do then spend our whole weekends compiling ports.
Until I can pop it into a system and have it working flawlessly within the hour you can stick your Gentoo up your holier than thou ass!

If Ubuntu is "for noobs",

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If Ubuntu is "for noobs", then how come so many people like me who have been using Linux since forever like it and use it? Not that I've got anything against Gentoo (except, sometimes, the misplaced arrogance of some of its fans), but I built Linux systems by hand back before there were any distributions, and frankly, I'm happy to have a simpler path these days.

Linux Mint KDE CE

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Linux Mint KDE the Community Edition is the greatest. Install and GO

Linux Mint KDE CE

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I have 2 PCS's running mint and 1 laptop running Kubuntu. I have several friends and neighbors running Linux Mint 4. (Have to upgrade thme to Mint 5 due to Mint 4 support ending)

Linux Mint (Felicia)

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Mint Felicia = Ubuntu on Steroids

Faster and Improved Ubuntu.


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Re: Crunchbang!

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CrunchBang is awesome.

Which Linux

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I am using Cronos Linux v0.1

Gentoo on my IBM Thinkpad

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Gentoo on my IBM Thinkpad X31 and my Desktop. Debian Etch on my file/print server.


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I installed Pardus 2008.2 on a new computer about a month ago because PCLinuxOS 2009.1 wouldn't install (although I did install it on an older computer about the same time). I'm planning to try Mandriva 2009.1 tomorrow or as soon as it's out.

Linux Mint

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Easiest to use. Very polished. I have converted many family members from Windows to Mint.

Arch Power

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Arch Linux, I simply love it


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For personal use Mint
I like distro hopping but Mint has kept me engaged
since the first release


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mint 6, a bit slower on my old athlon xp 2500, but easy to configure/
it would be faster knoppix but too difficult to configure for myself
i-m a newbie


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Debian & Crunchbang

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Debian on a desktop, Crunchbang on the laptop. Mac OS X on another desktop.


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