What is your primary job function?

 Help us get to know you better!

If you don't feel like any of these options describes you, please let us know in the comments.


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In the original draft on

liunas's picture

In the original draft on Marchand's flesh, the tattoo artist described the player as a member of the "Stanley Cup Champians simony lingerie

primary job saya tidak ada

asepwiyono's picture

My primary job is not in the list above, my main job is a design graph Greetings from gambar lucu

Technical Support

3d tv reviews's picture

Technical Support and I must say it's sometimes a little annoying ;)

I also verified and delivered

High PR Backlinks's picture

I also verified and delivered the day's backup to our offsite contact and answered user questions/problems on their desktops. High PR Backlinks

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request forsupport

raghava's picture

iamdba onlinux with oracl data base


Tiresia's picture

I'm a musician, and I read LJ mostly because of the interesting articles of Dave Phillips - but not only...


Jsouz's picture

My vote goes to programmer, because I think a better idea. Jogos


zimbiam's picture

My vote goes to program Camiseta Personalizadas

The amount and quality of

karen wake's picture

The amount and quality of information you share here is stunning. I totally agree with the definition of literacy mentioned here. how to get rid of a mole

Which one is 'primary'

Handel's picture

Which one is 'primary' depends on what day of the week it is - running a small company providing turn-key solutions means one has to do it all.

Yeah, same here. Maybe not business analyst, but everything else.

Electrical engineer with

Anonymous's picture

Electrical engineer with utility company. Don't use Linux at work. Enjoy learning about and using Linux at home. Appreciate LJ's breadth and depth.

Semiconductor Designer

Peter Meyer's picture

I work in Semiconductor (chip) design and verification. Linux is used extensively in the Electronic Design Automation industry which we rely on heavily for enabling out "code" to be converted to logic gates and then mapped on to silicon to be manufactured.

IT Field Service Repair

Anonymous's picture

Like so many others I work in the Grocery business for there POS system for field service repair. Strictly hardware repair. Linux is my hobby and I love the freedom of it and I love that it encourages sharing by default. I was forced to use Linux on a non IT related project and I am so glad because it has done so much for me and I have helped many others solve there PC headaches (ie. Windows viruses) Thanks to all of you and all of us.


Anonymous's picture

When I retired I did not want to be a customer of Microsoft any longer. So now I enjoy learning and playing around with Linux.


Ryan J's picture

I'm an accountant, you have a wider audience than just IT professionals FYI

Not a fit

systems architect's picture

Systems Architect. No fit here. And, there are quite a number of us out there too!

I'm a Chaiwala

Anonymous's picture

I'm a Chaiwala -- Teamen :D

Doesn't fit

Anonymous's picture

I am a test engineer at Micron. Doesn't seem to fit any of the above options.

Only IT?

rallen's picture

Odd. No none of the above/all of the above? And you think that your readers are only IT professionals? My primary occupation is electro-mechanical R&D Technician, but I'm also working on a Degree in Networking. So?


Anonymous's picture

In Czech (Moravian dialect) "Ficka" means "I do all in the list" or "one for all"

Some of the above

Anonymous's picture

None really fits as I co-founded a software business and run that. Thus, software development and then 'everything else' that is running a business.

I think that your readership

Peter Roopnarine's picture

I think that your readership is far more diverse, i.e. more than IT professionals, than you realize. Hopefully this survey will receive enough comments to be of use to you.
Primary function: Research scientist.

Primary job function:

Anonymous's picture

Primary job function: Design Engineer

No architect options? There

Anonymous's picture

No architect options? There are other IT leaders besides "executives".

Very Narrow Perspective on Your Readership

cwl's picture

LJ seems to think that the only people who read their magazine are all employed in some area intimately connected with IT. This is as stupid as believing all people who read car magazines are involved with the automotive industry. By all means have the above categories but what about tradespeople/doctors/truck drivers etc. For the record, I am an electronics technician who has risen to the dizzy heights of workshop coordinator.

all of the above - best at

Rich gregory's picture

all of the above - best at lamp apps.


Icemandb3's picture

I am a recreational facility manager. I do a little of everything including web developer, network admin, and the rest I farm out.


Icemandb3's picture

I am a line manager in the recreation facility management business.

QA Engineer / Automation Engineer / Software Tester

Anonymous's picture

QA Engineer / Automation Engineer / Software Tester

QA Engineer / Automation Engineer / Software Tester

Anonymous's picture

QA Engineer / Automation Engineer / Software Tester

All and none of the above

Anonymous's picture

Artist, photographer exclusively using Linux

You really are underestimating your audience. Linux is for everyone now.

Photo Flows in Linux

Peter Meyer's picture

I am always interested in knowing what tools/flows people are using for photo manipulation and image management.

I am using a combination of ufraw/gimp and Picassa.


Developer / Project mgr /

Anonymous's picture

Developer / Project mgr / Business analyst

Nothing in IT! Working in the

Jan D. 's picture

Nothing in IT! Working in the legal advice sector.

you guys seriously

Anonymous's picture

you guys seriously underestimate your audience. least you could do is include "other" as a choice. make that two postmen.


Doug in Seattle's picture

Or technical writer, if I make up a category of one.

Primary Position

Cory's picture

Content Manager

Hey gays, that's only

Anonymous's picture

Hey gays, that's only statistics!

Data Center System Integrator

JanVD's picture

Data Center System Integrator

IT instructor

Anonymous's picture

Technical instructor at a major IT company.

Cell Biologist

Anonymous's picture

Cell Biologist

All of the Above

Rob Gibson's picture

I am a one man IT department for a 50-employee manufacturing company, so each day I could be doing any/all of the items listed above.

Today, I spent most of my day maintaining a VB.net application used in the building which also required some database integration.

I also verified and delivered the day's backup to our offsite contact and answered user questions/problems on their desktops.

It's safe to say that the subject says it all... I do all of the above.

postman :)

Mariusz's picture

postman :)

list doesn't fit my profile

Anonymous's picture

I would either pick Embedded Developer or, Firmware Developer. None of them where choices. I would also say that compiler engineer is something different to a software engineer.

All of the above

Anonymous's picture

Which one is 'primary' depends on what day of the week it is - running a small company providing turn-key solutions means one has to do it all.

Oh, and add to the list 'Network specialist'.

Embedded Developer

Anonymous's picture

I think "embedded developer" deserves its own entry.

I have to dig in and get Linux+bootloader working on a given
board, I have to work with cross-development tools to build
the bootloader, kernel, filesystem, and user-space
applications, I have to write some user-space applications
to actually do the deed, and I have to write some scripts
to tie everything together. Not to mention setup and handle
the build system for everything on the device.

I'm not just a "software developer" or "programmer" who can
live entirely within the bounds of eclipse and deny anything
exists beyond its walls. I'm not just a "systems engineer"
who sets up and tweaks an installation and makes sure the
hardware is running at its peak efficiency.

None of the Above

Anonymous's picture

I am in retail sales. None of the categories listed even begin to describe me or what I do for a living.

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