What is your favorite scripting language?

Which language reigns supreme? This is the question that seemed to create the most controversy in our Readers' Choice poll this year so we thought we'd have some fun and open it up to the public to discuss. (This is better than a vi vs. emacs war!) Cast your vote.

Update: Phil Hughes writes Is Lua Really Wonderful. Make sure to check it out.

32% (1244 votes)
19% (757 votes)
13% (506 votes)
2% (76 votes)
9% (370 votes)
2% (71 votes)
15% (580 votes)
Other (comment below)
8% (297 votes)
Total votes: 3901


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Odd choices

Rich's picture

And for a follow-up poll: "What's your favourite command? ls, ypcat, or vim?" Silly.

Anything that gets the job

David Soyland's picture

Anything that gets the job done. bash for simple things, python for anything that needs true system programing or cross platform(i.e winblows), and php for the web. it all about picking the right tool for the job.


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Seems to be a rather narrow

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Seems to be a rather narrow -- and odd -- set of choices.


Sean Woods's picture

Not to be a jerk, but how could you miss the script language of Expect AND that comes embedded on Cisco routers, AND comes standard in every release of BSD, OSX, with virtually every distribution of Linux produced. And yes, every distro going back to the stone age.


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I find Tcl to be a much friendly solution than any of the ones on the list now.


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me too

alex bongoman's picture

Groovy (jvm), Boo (.net), Scheme and for the absence of any of those Ruby. Then again it's tempting to say C using either an interpreter or slotting in TCC.

Which do I use most rather than being my favorite? Python followed by Ruby (work use then home use respectively).


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Leslie P. Polzer's picture

Where's Common Lisp? Oh wait, is it a scripting language?

Scripting on Steroids

Steve Rogers's picture

Lisp is a scripting language in the sense of providing unsurpassed support for exploratory programming. Emacs Lisp is obviously a scripting language. CL seems strange, big, and scary at first acquaintance, but gets the job done when you get past that. CL is more industrial strength than the popular scripting languages, but is harder to pick up for a quick scripting task if you're not already immersed in it.

BTW, I voted for Python, which is a lisp for the rest of us with the exception of the "code is data" nature of Lisp's S-expression syntax.


Matt.'s picture

I most definitely prefer Ruby due to it's flexibility for both system administration scripting and for the Rails framework, however Python is my ever-reliable second preference and due to it's proliferation on most of our production servers it's the language I do resort to scripting in more often than not.

The term 'scripting language'

Jamie Bullock's picture

I'm really starting to dislike the term 'scripting language'. Some of these languages are so much more than _just_ a scripting language.


evaisse's picture

Strangely, one of the few 'standardized' scripting language is missing : javascript AKA ecmascript

... was wondering where JS was

Anonymous's picture

... not to mention that it's probably used more than all the survey choices combined and probably even a few multiples of that total.


Bart van Deenen's picture

Tcl is pretty good for embedding within C.


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Sorry the poll went wonky! I fixed it :) Plase feel free to email me anytime you see something go wrong here at LinuxJournal.com. I am never very far from my email.

Happy voting, and thanks for the comments!

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favorite scripting language

anon's picture


perl I try to use Ruby, but

Anonymous's picture

I try to use Ruby, but I run to Perl when I am in a hurry. Bash is surprisingly useful, but it is still best used to wrap functioning code for logging, running jobs etc.


dino's picture

Haskell is a polymorphically statically typed, lazy, purely functional language.

It can be compiled into binary or used as a scripting language with #!.

It's fantastic and fun.

bash,perl and php and some python

cybersekkin's picture

come on don't make me pick a favorite.

PHP for web development,

CptnObvious999's picture

PHP for web development, BASH for quick system admin tasks, and Python for everything else. 'nuff said.


Anonymous's picture

Tcl is very flexible and perfect for GUI, sockets, regexp, etc for both quick scripting and full applications development.

How to vote?

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How to do we vote? Mine is Perl though.

Link to vote is ...

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You should be able to see the choices here.



Absolutely no idea. Not

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Absolutely no idea. Not much of a poll or it might just be a poll taken internally.