What is your favorite Linux distribution for the DESKTOP?

We'll ask you about your favorite Linux distro for servers a little later... right now it's desktop only.

We compiled this list of distributions based on the top 30 distributions featured on DistroWatch.com the last 30 days. Make sure to visit DistroWatch.com for more details about any of the distributions featured below.


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Running Unity-linux and loving it

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Got it just the way I like it, lxde/compiz desktop with cairo-dock for full gnome menu (and of course all gnome apps installed).
Blazing fast and no issues whatsoever.


Favourite OS

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Unity-linux though new, is looking good to me and very customizable. :)

FortMacTux - "Best intro to linux distro"

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There are many great distros. My favorite Linux distro is a new one named FortMacTux. Its easily the "Best intro to linux distro" But I may be less than objective. ;)
By the way, I love your magazine. Its been a great reference many times, and a joy to read.

I chose Mint

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Ok, I chose Mint. I am using Mint 7. Simply the best!!!


Anonymous's picture

.. for the DESKTOP...

bla bla bla..

'Parted Magic'


xD yeah, Parted Magic ftw *,*.. no wait, for the Desktop. LOOL


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i use asplinux


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Ubuntu Ultimate Gamer's Edition rocks! Been using it for a couple of years now
PLus there's also a 64 bit edition out

Compare top 10

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June 22, 2009 comparing this list to DistroWatch's list these hit the top 10 of both:
Ubuntu - Fedora - Mint - Debian - OpenSuSE - Mandriva
I'll buy that. I keep the current version of Ubuntu - Mandriva - OpenSuSE - Fedora on my PC. I started with Fedora Core 4 but have stayed with Ubuntu for a couple of years now. I keep hoping one of the others will win back my No 1 slot again. All four have had their turn as being my No 1 distro.

Puppy and Kubuntu

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For me Puppy is one of the VVGO (Very Very Good Ones ), i use it on an old noteboock... but in my big pc i'm trying to use kubuntu... even i can not conect it to web... something with the adsl key...

Distro of choice...

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For me Slackware-current and Debian Lenny has always been my choices, whomever said most linux users use more than one distro is correct. With these two I can plug in anything and Slack and Deb would recognize it... Arch is ok, and gave it a spin for a year or so... just couldn't get there with the rolling system. Then there is NetBSD as my third.

It's a matter of how you use your computer and what software you need for daily tasks in order to make a choice... guess that's why I switched my wife from Windows to Debian and she loves it - as well as my dad.
I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite and put Slackware on it and didn't have to configure devices of any kind and she was up and running within the hour.

I've been slackin since the mid 90's.

i chosed debian but i'm

linux-apt's picture

i chosed debian but i'm using (debian,ubuntu 9.04,mint 7(Gloria)) funny chain isn't it..!

First..the debian based are the best..
the first reason is the apt manager ...and for all those who love the fedora distro (I don't hate any linux distro) but the fedora is a labRatt !!!(common)
and there is no quest that apt is way better than rpm.

Linux Mandriva with a TWIST!

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To me Linux Mandriva is the one. I bought a netbook that had a Linux Mandriva modification specially for netbooks and I just LOVE THAT THING. It works with windows Xp/Vista with superbe quality. I just love it. And the best part is that it had 2 dvds on the netbook box with all the files ready to install in any machine I want.


I didn´t had to download any software because it just has it all there. The amazing thing - There´s a bunch of software on the second dvd with tons of features.

They made the hard work. The netbook costs about 418 dolars around 300 Euros

VectorLinux. Gives new life

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VectorLinux. Gives new life to older hardware and screams on newer hardware. Stable, well-designed, looks good, and has a wonderful user community. Try it--you'll like it!

Ubuntu Ultimate Edition

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Ubuntu Ultimate Gamer's Edition rocks! Been using it for a couple of years now
PLus there's also a 64 bit edition out

The Almighty Slackware!!

Slacker4Life's picture

Slackware's stability, security, and simplicity are the best choice!

We also have Official 64bit Version if you must know! :)

Kudos to Pat and the Slackware Team!!

Still RH/Fedora after all these years

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I started with Yggdrasil (on a 25MHz 386 w/4meg RAM and an 80 Meg HD), then Slackware then finally settled on Redhat Linux (which, of course, is now Fedora). I've used many tens of others, if for no other reason than to see and play with them. Did a spell with Debian and even ran Corel Linux a while. I've got a huge pile of CDs and DVDs with various distros that I've installed just for grins. Redhat has always done the best job of installing with no fuss for me. I've been working in a Ubuntu environment for the past 6 months (still Fedora at home) and I fail to see what all the excitement is about, but it seems to get people excited about Linux and that's a good thing. And it works, so I ain't complaining about it. I prefer rpm over apt, but they both do a good job at their tasks. Fedora seems to have more choices and for some that's bad, for me it's good. I'm downloading F11 as I write to install on a new PC here (one of 4 in my home office, one of 8 in the house). I just retired a Redhat 9 (Not RHEL, the pre-Fedora Redhat) box that's been running on Linux solidly for over 10 years now (not on RH9 all that time mind you, but some flavor of RH most of it's life), so I know it well, trust it and it gets the job done for me.


ubuntu sucks . debian is the

Debian's picture

ubuntu sucks . debian is the best distro .

That's quiet funny seeing as

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That's quiet funny seeing as how Ubuntu is built on the Debian platform! Do some research before you comment!!!

not always

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Derived from != better than. And as far as the #1 distro, it depends on what you want to do with it and your linux comfort level. Each is a #1 distro for a different demographic.


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Yes he made an ignorant statement, Ubuntu IS derived from Debian hehe

I use Fedora, but I love

fedora's picture

I use Fedora, but I love LINUX!

Mint 7

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Mint for my desktop and CrunchBang for my Aspire One netbook. How sweet it is.

Linux users: most people use at least 2 distros

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It's hard to figure it out wich distro it's the most used, because most people in linux use at least 2 distros and sometimes neither of the distros is the principal (in every day tasks). That's my case, because i use kubuntu and fedora with equal relevance for my job, and i don't feel that there's a need to stay with one distro.
They are all beautiful, and their differences are all apparently.

You are right, most Linux users use multiple distributions

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I tend to prefer Debian based distributions because of their package management system. My company has machines running various versions of Ubuntu (including several versions of UbuntuStudio), Debian, and a few RedHat and (very) old SuSE machines. For most of my customers I have been recommending Ubuntu or Mephis depending on their requirements.

distro vote

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I chose Mint, but I'm also happy with my installs of Ubuntu 8.04, AntiX 8, AntiX 8.2 test1, and Mepis 8.

viva Linux!

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I use Fedora, but I love LINUX!

I'm giving Ubuntu my vote,

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I'm giving Ubuntu my vote, but if a few rather serious bugs in 9.04 aren't given some serious attention I may begin to look at some other distributions.

Ubuntu was my distro of

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Ubuntu was my distro of choice until about 6 months ago when I found out about its laptop hard drive damaging ACPI bug. (Which everyone on Slashdot of course blamed Microsoft for!)

I now use OpenSuse (on the increasingly rare times that I use Linux).

Mandriva is the one for me....

Stavroin's picture

I do enjoy Mint, Fedora, and even at times I can get into using Ubuntu, but I have never understood why Mandriva doesn't get much attention. i have been using it for some time and it has worked really well on the desktop. Especially the 2009.1 spring distro. Really nice.


Ich's picture

I love Linux

LFS it's the best to me.

Anonymous's picture

LFS it's the best to me.

Pardus should have been in the list

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It seems to me that you got this list from distrowatch. But that doesn't measure usages correctly.

In another poll I remember Pardus was in top ten. I think you should have had "others" option here as well.

antiX for a fast, lean and

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antiX for a fast, lean and mean desktop for older and new computers.

Fedora, of course

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Fedora is not just a distro... it's a Community working towards great goals. It has all kind of interactive SIGs, IRC chats, forums and wiki. Well documented, stable and all.

It embraces the Community's spirit and philosophy.

It's hard to be free... but I love to struggle. Love isn't asked for; it's just given. Respect isn't asked for; it's earned!
Renich Bon Ciric


Disappointed with Fedora

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I've been a Fedora (and before that, Red Hat) user for many years, but I have not been satisfied with Fedora the past couple of years, and recently I got a huge disappointment from the Fedora community. So I'm leaving Fedora.

First impression

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I'm new to linux and the first distro that i tried was Ubuntu. It has been
a good change for me painless. I do like some other distro like Fedora
and OpenSuse but Ubuntu will me my primary for now


Uriel's picture

Where's ArchLinux?

Where's Wolvix?

Dude, man...'s picture

I can't vote because my favorite isn't there. Where's Wolvix?

I would go Fedora over

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I would go Fedora over Ubuntu, OpenSuse, and Debian myself, Fedora captures all that I love about Linux in a fairly neat distro, the only other distro that I've found to be close was gentoo, however despite the appeal, it was a ground up build and I like being able to just install my distro and run with it from the get-go. Despite the fact that there are a few custom aliases such as "ll" for ls -l and such like and that it uses yum instead of apt (although you can use Apt in fedora anyway so I don't see the big fuss myself I've found Yum more than adequate as a package manager and no slower than Apt at finding packages) and that maybe some items are in different locations (the people that argue this as a reason for not adopting Fedora have probably been using Unix and Debian for a fair while and are used to everything in the same place as set in Debian, therefore maybe sticking with what you know would be more recommended) but I've found Fedora keeps pretty much everything in the same general locations (e.g. /usr for applications and user installed apps, /var for logs, cache files, mail spool etc, /etc for services and configuration files) in the end it probably doesn't matter, people will always gravitate to the distro that suits them best, but for myself, Fedora has the under the hood complexity, along with the ease of use of the Desktop interface that make it a great distro for me


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Slackware! no doubt about it!

Different distributions?

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Can someone please explain to me why/how Ubuntu and Kubuntu are considered different distributions? Yes, I know one uses GNOME and one uses KDE, but they are both produced by Canonical, both use the same package managers, both use the same repositories, both use the same Linux kernel, both are released on the same day with the same version numbers and same animal nicknames, and both are supported in the same forum. In the meantime, the last time I tried an openSUSE LiveDVD, it had both GNOME and KDE on it, but it is only listed once in the above list. If it is the fact that they come on different CDs that make them separate distributions, then 32-bit version of Ubuntu comes on a separate CD than the 64-bit version of Ubuntu, but they aren't considered different distributions... at least, I don't think they are.

Oh, and my favorite is Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, although I have worked with Debian, Fedora and openSUSE.

Laugh at life or life will laugh at you.

That fragmentation is part

derChef's picture

That fragmentation is part of the freedom and choice of GNOOOOO/Linux! Don't you know, it's the year of the Linux desktop?

18,000 distros being offered for free for 18 years, and Linux now has an amazing 1% share of the desktop!

The shiniest, newest versions of Linux just had the netbook market taken away by the 8 year old Windows XP!

> Can someone please explain

Anonymous's picture

> Can someone please explain to me why/how Ubuntu and Kubuntu
> are considered different distributions? Yes, I know one
> uses GNOME and one uses KDE
Because they are not the same, the authors are not the same, the mainly used programs are not the same, and so on.

After voting, anyone can add Ubuntu+Kubuntu votes, if he wants to. If they are treated like they were the same thing, it can not be done.

Mint, unquestionably!

Robin's picture

I will always be grateful for my Ubuntu experience (no one ever forgets their first love!), but Mint is delightfully rich, easy to use, newbie-friendly, and somehow much faster than Ubuntu on my home computer. No more distro shopping! I've found my home.

Absolutely Linux Mint...I've

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Absolutely Linux Mint...I've played with others (Ubuntu, Mepis, PCLinuxOS, Freespire) but Mint was the one that got me to abandon Windoze forever.

Refreshing Mint

darksyde's picture

After distro-hopping for two years at least, when I found Mint I knew I was home. And she (Felicia) even recognized my wifi. Her only competition is her younger sister Gloria. I've never had any audio problems myself, nor have I heard of any. What distro did you use, derChef?

cogito ergo linux

Ooh, does Mint come with 20

derChef's picture

Ooh, does Mint come with 20 text editors, and 80 Tetris clones, along with other Atari 7800 era games? Does it also have the same inability to produce decent audio, that all other Linux distros share?


Zeno's picture

Of course Arch, what else.

Lean Puppy beats *buntu bloat

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After a year of trying to tweak Xubuntu to perform a little better than choppy and sluggish on my old Dell (PIII, 512) (the update to 9.04 made it worse), I gave the Puppy 4.0 live CD a try.

What a breath of fresh air! It's snappy performance both online and off has sold me. Wireless setup is a breeze, and it's array of tools allow you (or me, anyway) to accomplish most tasks suitable to the desktop.

Linux Mint 7

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Linux Mint 7