What is your favorite Linux distribution for the DESKTOP?

We'll ask you about your favorite Linux distro for servers a little later... right now it's desktop only.

We compiled this list of distributions based on the top 30 distributions featured on DistroWatch.com the last 30 days. Make sure to visit DistroWatch.com for more details about any of the distributions featured below.


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It used to be Kubuntu

Disgruntled's picture

I've been a happy Kubuntu user for the past 2.5 years but the Ubuntu family of distros have been plagued by a serious bug for over a month now that causes computers to completely freeze up. There's a lot of angry Ubuntu users in the Ubuntu forums and on Twitter that are griping about this and a lot of them have started switching to new distros since the problem seems to be mostly affecting Ubuntu users and the Ubuntu development team hasn't really addressed the problem. I'm leaning towards Debian at this point...

that's a jauntys bug

Rachmat's picture

bout your "serious bug", isn't that bug only occurs in jaunty?
i've been a fan of kubuntu myself since their first releases (miss those old days).
i'd say, stick with the LTS...


Klich Koeken's picture

I agree.

Hardy is much painless than Jaunty.

Fedora all the way!

faizan's picture

Fedora all the way!

Re: Fedora all the way!

Janne's picture

I totally agree :)

I too

Anonymous's picture

I too

Tried to beat the Ubuntu rush

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Saw this pop up on twitter and I hoped to get my Fedora vote in before the legions of Ubuntu users showed up, but no such luck.

Fedora < Debian

Salvadesswaran Srinivasan's picture

I wonder why there are fewer Fedora users than Debian, this being a desktop only poll! I know of atleast six friends who use Fedora, but only two that use Debian or Ubuntu. It helps that we study CS, but Fedora is surely better than Debian for the desktop atleast?

Opinions are like....

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In your opinion it may be better. You're entitled to that. I think the last few Fedora releases have definitely made steps in the right direction. That being said, I'm not really sure what you're basing your statement on.

I prefer Debian in any iteration to Fedora/RHL. Slackware and Arch are close seconds.