We're Linux, Again

The Linux Foundation is always on the move, looking for new ways to promote Linux and Open Source adoption. From Linux.com to credit cards bearing a smiling Tux, there is always something new on at Foundation HQ. At the moment, it's the return of a good idea, as last year's Linux advertising contest turns up for Round II.

The Linux Foundation announced its inaugural "We're Linux" video competition this time last year, capitalizing on the then-popular "I'm a Mac/I'm a PC" ads from Apple. The contest challenged Linux users to show "just what Linux means to those who use it, and hopefully [inspire] many to try it."

Over a hundred entries poured in, and were whittled down to five finalists, further trimmed to three winners aptly representing the global Linux community. Amitay Tweeto, the ultimate winner, received free hotel accommodations, airfare, and conference registration for the Linux Foundation's 2009 Japan Linux Symposium.

Those who missed the 2009 competition now have a second chance, as the Foundation announced last week that the contest will return this year to seek out "The Linux Super Bowl Ad."

What if the Linux community had its own ad running during the Super Bowl? How would you convey the power of Linux in a 30 – 60 video spot that would air during the big game?

Just as last year, the videos will be submitted to the community for review and (advisory) voting, though a panel of judges will have the final say, and will look for "originality, clarity of message and how much it inspires others to use Linux." Individuals may submit multiple entries, and submissions can be as simple or elaborate as desired. Groups (companies, organizations, projects, etc.) are permitted to enter, but only individuals can win — the individual submitting the video on behalf of the group becomes a "designated winner" of sorts. Entries must be received by April 4th at midnight (Pacific), with winners announced April 14th.

And, of course, not to forget what's up for grabs: The victorious filmographer will pick up a free trip to Boston, Massachusetts in August for LinuxCon, including hotel and airfare, and a brand new laptop — loaded with Linux, of course. The winning entry itself will be revealed during April's Collaboration Summit in San Francisco, California.

More information about the contest is available from the Linux Foundation's "We're Linux" page. The general disclaimers apply: you must be eighteen to play, copyrights and the Foundation's terms of service must be respected, any and all decision(s) of the judges and/or the Foundation are final, void where prohibited, no purchase necessary, etc.

Image courtesy of jsawkins.


Justin Ryan is a Contributing Editor for Linux Journal.


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Ekle's picture

very good post. and i like (Anonymous 13Feb.) share video.


Diyarbakır's picture

Who can tell me why Linux not better than Windows? I want to every people make linux but now i dont think about it :( thanks for sharing..

4 years too late

Anonymous's picture

I thought this ad 4 years ago was really pretty powerful when I first saw it. Although it was created by IBM it is really a Linux Superbowl commerical... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwL0G9wK8j4


Anonymous's picture

Look at:


What a waste of time and resources!
There are too many games!
Write something useful.
Write drivers for hardware!
But dont write 4 KDE4.@#@$@%@#$!!!


Windows vs Linux

Anonymous's picture

Windows will kill Linux with KDE4.@#$%!@#$%^&!!!!
Stop killer app!!!

Last year's winner Agustin

spc's picture

Last year's winner Agustin Eguia :
"Video made for the "We are Linux" contest. The hole thing was made in 5 days, everything was created using Pixelmateor, After Effects and Soundbooth for audio mixing."

That was shot in the foot - entries should be limited to only free soft made - otherwise it doesnt make any sense

Gimme a break

Anonymous's picture

Lighten up.