Webware for Python

Webware for Python 1.0rc1 is out there with, in theory, the real release to follow soon. That may be wishful thinking as version 0.8 was released over five years ago but let's hope it does happen.

So, what is it? From the web page:

Webware for Python is a suite of Python packages and tools for developing object-oriented, web-based applications. The suite uses well known design patterns and includes a fast Application Server, Servlets, Python Server Pages (PSP), Object-Relational Mapping, Task Scheduling, Session Management, and many other features. Webware is very modular and easily extended.

I confess that I have looked at it as the way to implement a web-based application many times over the years. I have, however, never picked it. Actually, I have usually picked Karrigell. Why? Well, while Webware is very modular, it always seems like I needed to understand all too many modules to do what I could do in Karrigell with a lot less to understand.

But, it's Python and it does seem to be clean. I am thinking about giving it another try. All I need is a project that fits.


Phil Hughes


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How good is Webware

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I have been using Java for all server side development and was searching for information on how good are the options available for Python. Webware seems to have the style similar to the patterns used for J2EE but would really appreciate it if you could share your experience with it.