Toshiba NB100 for Linux

It seems that lots of people are talking about Toshiba's NB100 mini-laptop but they are just talking about it appearing in the UK market in October. What The Register has to say is as good as any.

Of interest to us is that is ships with Ubuntu 8.04 and prices start at 260 pounds sterling. Missing is when or if it will hit the US market.


Phil Hughes


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Microsoft kids spreading FUD

MS stinks's picture

Microsoft kids spreading FUD and shit... as always.

Linux Sucks

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So if you can be bothered to read this, you either are defending Linux the worlds worst OS or you know the truth and want to agree.
To all Linux users; why bother?

1) Linux ALWAYS crashes!! ALWAYS!! It is just a matter of time before you will lose all your personal files in a apocalyptic fashion.

2) Use Linux and be prepared for the mindset of:

a) I must persist in battling for hours on the internet, trying to find information to solve the most menial tasks that never happened to me until I used Linux. Umm this is because Linux really is the best, it is better than me. I am stupid and it's my fault it just beeps stupidly at me. The only thing stupider than me is Windows and Mac OS which work - Tch how stupid.

b) I want to spend my life on forums! It will be great fun searching for answers to problems that never occur in Mac or Windows OS. But that makes Linux better right? Hopefully I'll find a "topic" with my problem closely related to it. I'll ask a question and then I can enjoy being publicly humiliated by someone who already knew the answer and says it is really obvious. Stupid me! They are better than me. They know Linux better! Stupid me. How ashamed!!

3) And this one really counts!! How often have all you Linux loving, Windows and Mac hating forum groupies spent logged into; Windows or Mac OS searching for solutions to your broken Linux OS problems? Why because the almighty Linux system just died on you!

I hope this saves many people many miserable hours :-)