Survey of readers was taken, results say... is where the survey lives.

As of April 14, 2008, the results read:

Ultimate Gaming Machine
12% (106 votes)

Massive Storage Beast
7% (65 votes)

Super Green Earth Friendly
11% (95 votes)

Uber Cheap Bargain Basement
8% (70 votes)

Perfectly Silent Hear a Pin Drop PC
14% (124 votes)

Rockin' Rackmount Server
8% (74 votes)

Mega Multimedia Creation Studio
11% (103 votes)

Entertainment Extravaganza Living Room PC
16% (146 votes)

Hard Drive, Schmard Drive -- Gimme an Ultimate Thin Client
3% (28 votes)

Computers are for chumps. I want a brain implant.
10% (89 votes)

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