Spectre/Meltdown Updates, Skype Snap, Red Hat's Open Brand Project and Happy Birthday to the Open Source Initiative!

News updates for February 2, 2018

The AV-TEST Institute tweeted yesterday that it has discovered 139 samples that appear to be related to recently reported CPU vulnerabilities due to the Meltdown and Spectre exploits.

In related news, Greg Kroah-Hartman shared a few positive words about the performance impact introduced by the KPTI (or Spectre/Meltdown) mitigation changes on the Linux 4.15 kernel: "So, overall, we are right back where we started from."

Microsoft yesterday released Skype as a snap. You can download it here, and it will work natively on popular Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Debian and Mint.

Red Hat announced its Open Brand Project, "a collaborative journey to upgrade and modernize our logo and brand system". You can take a survey and send feedback here.

Happy 20th Birthday to the Open Source Initiative! For more info about the Anniversary and thoughts from the Directors of the OSI, read more here.


Jill Franklin, Executive Editor, Linux Journal