Round and Round We Go

Hurricane season is well underway, and if you're an information junkie like me, you like to watch storms progress even if you're thousands of miles away from the tropics. I was looking for a good hurricane tracking software package for either my phone or Linux desktop, and I realized everything I'm looking for is available on a simple webpage.

If you want an interactive map of current tropical activities that is fully Linux compatible, swing on over to The Weather Channel's Hurricane Tracker.

Click through to use the live animated version

Their interactive map is full of useful information about any storm currently swirling around. Yes, the map itself is powered by Bing™, but it's completely compatible with Linux. So whether you're an information junkie in the Midwest like me, or wary resident of the Lesser Antilles;'s hurricane tracker is a pretty interesting tool.


Shawn Powers is an Associate Editor for Linux Journal. You might find him chatting on the IRC channel, or Twitter


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i like this very much

I would like to have good

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I would like to have good hurricane tracking softwar to be able to show an current updated map on

GT 2010 is a complete rework

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GT 2010 is a complete rework using Google Maps within an application instead of the old mapping components used before. Due to this, it is a significant job and is going slow. When I do have GT 2010 to the point to release as a beta, it will be limited in features and will mainly be able to plot storm tracks and model tracks. I'll add more features over time and try to make timely release updates.

this is simply amazing and

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this is simply amazing and stunning.
UFC Forum

Hurricane Tracking Program

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Cat5Data is an easy to use hurricane-tracking program for Linux.

Thats amazing

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This is really amazing and will be great to be in touch of hurricanes, thank god everyone is safe at the moment.

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It is a very interesting

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It is a very interesting topic about the software of desktop. I think every person join this website. We can search any thing about any storm by weather channels. It is a great opportunity because it helps us in every field.

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Check out the grand daddy of them all...

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Tons of data, plus expert commentary from professionals and crackpots alike.


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It's like using a sledgehammer to make an omlette!
I am a spotter for NOAA/NWS and collect radar software nearly obsessively.
I use PyKL3 on my Android phone, McIDAS on Linux and Mac OS, and GR level3 if I have to.

Round and Round We Go

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This application is true weight of processor.

You might want to look at

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You might want to look at also.


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That is awesome. Thanks!

Shawn Powers is an Associate Editor for Linux Journal. You might find him chatting on the IRC channel, or Twitter

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